Stiff Little Fingers – ‘Inflammable Material’ review + watch Johnny Was video

Stiff Little Fingers - Inflammable Material

If you’ve never had the pleasure of listening to an album where every track is brilliant, then you really need to hear ‘Inflammable Material’ by Stiff Little Fingers. You’ll find yourself singing along to and air guitaring to it. ‘Inflammable Material’ is an album well worth investing some time and money into …

Stiff Little Fingers - Inflammable Material

If you’ve never had the pleasure of listening to an album where every track is brilliant, then you really need to hear ‘Inflammable Material’ by Stiff Little Fingers. You’ll find yourself singing along to and air guitaring to it. ‘Inflammable Material’ is an album well worth investing some time and money into.

Recorded way back in 1978/79, this is and was Stiff Little Fingers greatest achievement. 30 years on and this band is still selling out average sized venues on the back of this album. The recording is raw and in your face. No over production here. Singer/frontman Jake Burns barks over the tunes like a rabid mongrel dog.

I had the pleasure of seeing this band live on a number of occasions when they were in their prime. Every song a belter. One time a few of us met them after a gig and they said they were going to the fun fair at Southsea the next day. So we met up and went on the fair rides with Jake, Ali, Henry and Jim. This band from Northern Ireland had one of the best sense of humors I’ve seen. What a great bunch of people and easily one of the best ever punk albums to be produced – you could put that album up there with anything The Ramones produced!

Here’s one track which will have you punching the walls of your caravan:

Watch “Johnny Was” video:

Now go buy the album and pay for Jake’s next beer!

Stiff Little Fingers on

Stiff Little Fingers on

For more music, tour dates and information, go to:

Stiff Little Fingers Official Website

By: Dave Tommo

The Priscillas interview

The Priscillas

The Priscillas are a London based punk/pop/rock band that we have been admiring from afar for sometime now. They have been making waves around the live music circuit here in England and have been turning heads with their latest release, “Superhero” […]

The Priscillas

The Priscillas are a London based punk/pop/rock band that we have been admiring from afar for sometime now. They’ve been making waves around the live music circuit here in England and have been turning heads with their latest release, “Superhero”.

Their colorful and quirky videos are also noteworthy, creating a late 70’s underground vibe. If The Priscillas are playing in a town near you, we highly recommend getting out to one of their shows for a great night of music and entertainment! – Jenny May

The Priscillas interview with Band Weblogs
Compiled by: Dave Tommo

Why the name The Priscillas?

Guri: Move over King of Rock and make space for the Queen(s)!

Your song Y.O.Y. was mysteriously placed on the B side of the Klaxons single release. Are the Klaxons your mates? If so, how did you meet?

Jen: Nope. All is still a mystery. Don’t know them.
Guri: We don’t know the boys – but they are very welcome to be our friends!
Hege: Have never met the lads before, apart from when I saw them at Hyde Park miles away. Would love to meet them though! Would be great to play a gig or seven with them!
Kate: We like their music. Weren’t we lucky to be on the flipside of their platter?

Who is your favourite superhero?

Guri: Bananaman
Jen: Catwoman (Julie Newmar) and Underdog.
Hege: Clark Kent, of course.
Kate: I have a crush on Batman.

Where is the best place to go clothes shopping?

Jen: I like Camden Stables Market because there are a lot of mom and pop shops. But stupidly, that’s being torn down to put up giant chain stores. Ick! Also, I like the malls in New York and New Jersey…where they have really good giant chain stores, haha!
Guri: Any TK Maxx.
Kate: The eBay.

We love your Christmas song “One Christmas Wish” here at What is the best Christmas song ever?

Guri: Christmas (Baby Please Come Home).
Hege: Last Christmas, Wham, is a great tune and a pompous and sad video. Lovin’ it!
Kate: One Christmas Wish by The Priscillas, of course. Otherwise, all of the Phil Spector’s A Christmas Wish For You, Walking In The Air by the Snowman, and Oh Come All You Faithful (with descant harmonies).
Jen: One Christmas Wish. There are a lot of great Christmas songs. Bowie and Bing Crosbie doing Little Drummer Boy, The Pogues and Kirsty MacColl’s Fairytale of New York…

How do you write your songs?

Kate: Together.
Hege: It varies, but most of the times it comes like a shooting star and hits us in our heads, and there you go, we have a new song!
Jen: We channel all of our favourite composers and thoughts and sounds, mix them in a big bowl and lob it at a giant fan and watch it splatter.
Guri: By utilising three chords and the truth!

Your songs give me a late 70’s vibe. Who is your favourite band or artist from that era?

Hege: ABBA were a great glamorous band and are still alive and kicking!
Jen: Buzzcocks, Blondie, Kate Bush, Siouxsie, Pistols,
Guri: Burt Bacharach.
Kate: ELO, The Damned, Squeeze, Adam and his Ants, CRiME, Madness, The Rezillos, Blondie, Can, The Clash, Supertramp.

Where is your favourite place to play music?

Kate: On stage. Loudly and well.
Jen: A good sized stage where we can run around like idiots.
Guri: Loud and proud in a steaming, dark club with drunk and disorderly people dancing their rocks off.
Hege: Anywhere where we are treated well, where we are fed and given a nice little rider including hot men and cider.

What colour wellies did you wear at Glastonbury?

Guri: Not for me, I’m afraid! I had some sensible peep toe plastic shoes for the occasion. Glamour over comfort, people!
Jen: Ugh! Perish the thought! I had an array of PVC (that’s waterproof, people!) boots in various colours and heel sizes. Never substitute style for comfort. Sometimes you can have both.
Hege: Heavy trekking boots of leather
Kate: See through PVC with golden tassles and Swarovski crystal laces. With a little mice in silver crowns standing on each toe, waving.

How do you relax when not near music?

Hege: Relaxing at our castle by the sea in Italy.
Guri: Knitting and watching a B-horror or science fiction film.
Kate: Shouting loudly though a megaphone. Hatching eggs. Watching Midsummer Murders.
Jen: TV or just silence with my cats.

Do The Priscillas have a say in the making of your videos? Are they your ideas?

Guri: We have been very lucky to work with Paul McCloone and Clare Sparra for our videos. They are very competent, have great ideas and we have complete faith in their creativeness.
Hege: Yes we do have a say, and we are also very open for ideas from the directors. The last video was a blast! When our director, Claire Brookes, presented her idea, we realized that her idea was exactly the same as ours! What a coincidence…
Kate: We collaborate with very talented people.
Jen: For our next one, the director wants us in little bikinis with a rap video feel, but we’ve opted for a barrel with straps and blacked out teeth look. The next hottest trend!

Can you give us a good cocktail recipe?

Guri: 25ml Vodka
25ml Malibu
Crushed Ice
Squeeze half lime
fill to top with banana and Strawberry smoothie.
Hege: 2/5 Vodka Smirnoff
2/5 Soda Water
Dash of lime and a squeezed lime
Served in a pint glass, and the day after you have absolutely no hangover! If you want it to look like a proper cocktail, why don’t you apply an umbrella and a big strawberry?
Kate: 1/2 pint of advocaat (Lidl do a good cheap one)
Lemonade to top
Splash of lime juice
Cherry on a stick and
Umbrella to garnish.
Mix it all in a pint glass. Serve with crisps. I call it a Snowman’s Revenge
Jen: Go to off-licence
Buy one very large bottle of cider
Twist off cap
Garnish with straw (and a sprig of mint optional)
And enjoy

Which of your songs would you get people to listen to first who have never heard you before?

Jen: We’ve just written a few gems. Fly In My Drink, Y.O.Y., The King Is Dead…
Guri: Brain surgeon, Y.O.Y., Holloway. To start with.
Hege: Y.O.Y and Fly In My Drink (which is not released yet).
Kate: Fly In My Drink. Y.O.Y. Brain Surgeon.

Is the X-Factor a good platform for new talent? How do you feel about the show?

Hege: Avoiding watching that kind of thing as it makes me absolutely incandescent. It generates a silly amount of wanna-be’s. The attendants have never had to climb the ladder like everybody else, and they have a short way to stardom. Thank god they are not alive in the picture for that long. I’d say NO!
Guri: I think it’s a waste of time and space.
Kate: I absolutely adore watching the early rounds, but it’s all a sham, isn’t it? I feel sorry for the deluded fools, and for the untalented kids not cushioned for the fall by their thick as a brick parents. But let them have their fun and let me watch their downfall. I’d love to be a judge.
Jen: I get them all mixed up. What’s the difference between that and Pop Idol? It’s all reality TV, isn’t it? Just another Big Brother.

Do you play any cover songs in your set? If so, which ones?

Jen: Monster Mash once or twice at Hallowe’en.
Guri: The Norwegian National anthem on Norway’s constitution day and once the wedding march “Here Comes the Bride” for a friend’s wedding.
Hege: It would be wonderful to do Surfin Bird!
Kate: We might one day do All Night Long by Lionel Ritchie.

For more information, go to The Priscillas Official Website
The Priscillas on Myspace

The Priscillas Superhero review + video

The Priscillas - Superhero

London all girl band The Priscillas have been turning heads with their latest single “Superhero” and B-side “Y.O.Y.” by touching the heartstrings of those nostalgic for 80’s punk. They also bring to the table their own style and pop sass and something tells me, their live shows are not to be missed if you’re looking for a fun night out on the town […]

The Priscillas - Superhero

London all girl band The Priscillas have been turning heads with their latest single “Superhero” and B-side “Y.O.Y.” by touching the heartstrings of those nostalgic for late 70’s punk. They also bring to the table their own style and pop sass and something tells me, their live shows are not to be missed if you’re looking for a fun night out on the town.

The Priscillas formed in 2004 and as mentioned on their Myspace page, they’ve played shows with “Art Brut, The Pipettes, The Subways, and, uh, James Blunt” and have supported “all-time heroes such as The Damned, The Cramps, The Seeds, The Monks, and The at bigger venues, including London’s Astoria.” This past weekend The Priscillas played the BBC Introducing Stage at the Bestival Music Festival and went down a storm.

They have a few videos available on YouTube and they’re quite a treat to watch. The video for “Superhero” features dancing Barbie dolls, red and blue satin superhero-like outfits and Superman. It’s great to see a band that doesn’t take themselves too seriously and yet are able to convey the talent to entertain.

I know it’s not the time of year to bring up Christmas, but The Priscillas have a great Christmas song called “One Christmas Wish”. The video for it is in their YouTube Profile. I see that it was added one year ago, but hopefully they’ll release it as a Christmas single later this year and if they do, I would look forward to watching it climb the pop charts.

Trivia: Top designer Anna Sui mentioned The Priscillas in a recent interview with Metro New York. She saw them play in Cornwall, England while she was there for a literary festival.

Watch The Priscillas video for new single “Superhero”:

The Priscillas band members are:

Jenny Drag (vocals), Guri Go-Go (guitar), Kate Kannibal (bass) and Hege Hotrod (drums).

The Priscillas Official Website
The Priscillas on Myspace
YouTube video link for “Superhero”
The Priscillas Fan Forums

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By: Jenny May – Band Weblogs

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Schoolyard Heroes – pre-order Abominations on SmartPunk + tour dates

Schoolyard Heroes

Schoolyard Heroes’ new album ‘Abominations’, their Stolen Transmission debut, is set for release on September 18, 2007 and is now available for pre-order through SmartPunk. With every pre-order, you’ll also receive an autographed poster from the band (while supplies last) […]

Schoolyard Heroes

Schoolyard Heroes’ new album ‘Abominations’, their Stolen Transmission debut, is set for release on September 18, 2007 and is now available for pre-order through SmartPunk.

With every pre-order, you’ll also receive an autographed poster from the band (while supplies last).

Pre-order ‘Abominations’ on SmartPunk

Here’s what people are saying about ‘Abominations’ and Seattle punk/horror band Schoolyard Heroes:

“…Lead singer (Ryann Donnelly) has a voice that can be charming and endearing one minute and then out of nowhere attack you with dark and violent imagery that this band does so well with.”

“Like the Misfits, they have that horror movie vibe to them and adds an eerie factor as well. Even with the album cover you know your in for some creeps. I would highly recommended this to fans of punk rock.”

“Opening up with the danceable “Dude, Where’s My Skin?” Abominations is an eerie roller coaster ride of horror punk, merging the technical aspects and lightning fast guitar riffs of Protest The Hero with the synth melodies of The Epoxies and the general eeriness of The Creepshow and AFI.”

If you missed Bumbershoot this weekend, Schoolyard Heroes pretty much rocked the whole festival. The band was given the opportunity to play the festival twice, with one performance on the Main Stage with Gym Class Heroes in front of thousands of adoring fans. Here’s a shot of Ryann Donnelly getting close with the crowd…

Schoolyard Heroes

Schoolyard Heroes’ video for their single, “Plastic Surgery Hall of Fame” will be released soon.

Schoolyard Heroes 2007 tour dates:

Dates could be added or changed! Go to Schoolyard Heroes Official Website for the latest tour dates and information.

With The Birthday Massacre:

September 10 – Miramar Theater – Milwaukee, Wisconsin
September 13 – Grand Emporium – Kansas City, Missouri
September 14 – Club Roxbury – Omaha, Nebraska
September 15 – Marquis Theatre – Denver, Colorado
September 16 – Avalon – Salt Lake City, Utah
September 17 at 11 PM – Sonic Boom Records In-Store – Seattle, Washington
September 18 – El Corazon – Seattle, WA (RECORD RELEASE)

With SUM 41:

September 21 – Trocadero – Philadelphia, PA
September 22 – Rochester Institute of Technology – Rochester, NY
September 23 – Headliners – Toledo, OH
September 26 – St. Andrews Hall – Detroit, MI
September 27 – The Intersection – Grand Rapids, MI
September 28 – Metro – Chicago, IL
October 2 – Cain’s – Tulsa, OK
October 3 – Diamond Ballroom – Oklahoma City, OK
October 4 – Beaumont Club – Kansas City, MO
October 7 – Big Easy – Boise, ID

Schoolyard Heroes Official Website
Schoolyard Heroes on Myspace

The Love Kills Theory to play The Annex NYC August 11

The Love Kills Theory will be playing The Annex, 152 Orchard Street (between Rivington and Stanton Streets), NYC on Saturday, August 11, 2007 at 10 PM. Admission is $8., and the venue phone is 323-673-3410. The Annex NYC Website.

The Love Kills Theory is a New York City-based punk group, who deals with philosophical and social issues on its debut and current album, HAPPY SUICIDE JIM. Between now and August 31 2007, songs from the album will be added each week for free MP3 downloads for fans who subscribe to the band’s newsletter here.

MusicDish is also sponsoring a competition for fans of the Love Kills Theory to write a review of album to win prizes, including a CD signed by the band.


Other writers have proclaimed their feelings on HAPPY SUICIDE JIM. CASHBOX’s Justin Scro wrote the band is “somewhere between Ween and Zappa…The Love Kills Theory are not a band, but a cult.” Opening Band’s Joseph M. Pense says, “It’s great to see a band so capable of both writing fun songs and lyrically developing them on their own terms.”

Neo-Zine’s Adam Bernard was so inspired to review the band with, “If music–in general–would take a hint from this band and write like they are doing something worthwhile, the world would be a better and more artistically significant place to live. This is a beautifully odd album,” and he is finishing a profile of the group’s leader, Cevin Soling for BEYOND RACE magazine.

Cevin Soling, whose first name is pronounced “Kevin,” is a New York City-based musician, label owner, filmmaker, writer, world traveler. A&E TV has chosen his song, “Buffalo” by a former band–the Neanderthal Spongecake for the closing credits of their series, CONFESSIONS OF A MATCHMAKER. He runs the record company, Xemu Records, which is experiencing a renaissance of its album, WHEN PIGS FLY, which features unique covers including Don Ho’s version of Peter Gabriel’s “Shock the Monkey,” the Oak Ridge Boys’ harmonic rendition of Kansas’ “Carry on My Wayward Son,” and Lesley Gore’s primal belting of AC/DC’s “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap.”

Soling’s current movie DVD is THE WAR ON THE WAR ON DRUGS available through Disinformation, Ltd. This fall he plans on showing a new documentary, THE WAR ON KIDS, about oppression in education at film festivals. In production is JOHN FRUM: HE WILL COME about his adventures as cargo cult Messiah for the people of the Island of Tanna, off the coast of Australia.

***Read a wild interview with Cevin at; it includes the question, “If society was perfect, would there be a need for punk rock?”

Iggy Pop and The Stooges, Glastonbury crowd invited on stage + video!

Glastonbury 2007 Saturday night headliner Iggy Pop and The Stooges along with bass player Mike Watt from the Minutemen put on a memorable performance that completely took me by surprise.

Who would have thought that a 60 year old performer could upstage Glastonbury acts young enough to be his great-grandchildren? Iggy Pop can move on stage. No doubt about it. He entertained the crowd while singing his classics that included “I Wanna Be Your Dog” and “Down on the Street”.

Driving the set from behind was Mike Watt on bass, probably one of the coolest, craziest looking bass players out there. Wearing a jumpsuit and with his legs spread wide, Mike Watt looked as though we would all be safer if he was playing in a cage. The Stooges, brothers Ron Asheton (guitar) and Scott Asheton (drums) rounded up the lineup which also included Steve Mackay on saxophone later in the set.

I couldn’t believe it when during “Real Cool Time” Iggy Pop, the Godfather of punk rock, invited the crowd up on stage with him. One by one the Glastonbury festival goers began to jump the security barrier. I’m not sure if this has ever happened at Glastonbury before.

The fun lasted for about a song while the fans danced along to “No Fun”. The song that was, incidentally, covered by the Sex Pistols. Of course, then Iggy Pop tried to take his stage back from his new invited guests and asked the crowd to leave. I could only shake my head and think, “Well, this is what you asked for. Now what are you going to do?”

At first the crowd wasn’t having any of it, and continued to stand where they were or they were trying to get as close to Iggy Pop as they could. Meanwhile, Iggy was trying to coax everyone off in a deep calm voice on the microphone, reminiscent of a Vegas show host. “We’re coolin’ it out. Alright… Thin it all out, baby… Alright. Have mercy… How ’bout some standards… Popcorn, get your popcorn. Ice cream…”

Eventually everyone left the stage and the band played on.

This was one of those cringe-worthy, peer from under the covers, train wreck moments that I couldn’t tear my eyes away from. But it was one of the best festival moments that I’ve ever seen on TV.

Watch video of Iggy and The Stooges + fans at Glastonbury 2007:

Glastonbury Festival Official Website

Iggy Pop and The Stooges Official Website
Iggy Pop and The Stooges on Myspace

Check out the Official Mike Watt website. “Mike Watt’s Hoot Page”. He’s got tons of information, pictures, blog (news page, tour diary), links and more.

By: Jenny May – Band Weblogs

Noisettes Scratch Your Name video and tour dates

NoisettesThis morning our mini video session was a success. Normally the TV doesn’t stay on very long in the mornings especially if there’s ‘nothing on’, but when the Noisettes video for their latest single, “Scratch Your Name” started up I knew we were on to a winner.

I’ve been hearing a lot about the Noisettes lately and keep running into them on Myspace but hadn’t yet sat down to give them a good listen until today. It goes to show, YouTube isn’t the only source for discovering new bands – TV can still be good for watching music videos (depending on your tolerance levels) as I have been getting turned on to a few bands lately via the telly.

If you’re into your London based indie rock bands with a punk edge that include cool looking and sounding female singers backed by a loud band, then run out to your local music shop and buy the Noisettes latest CD. Better yet, make it easier for yourself and buy it online.

“Scratch Your Name” is off of Noisettes latest album What’s The Time Mr. Wolf? which was recently released in the US and the UK. In the “Scratch Your Name” video, singer and bassist Shingai Shoniwa reminded me of Grace Jones a bit – her clothes, hair and makeup were reminiscent of the flamboyant and statuesque singer popular in the 80’s. Guitarist Dan Smith and drummer Jamie Morrison round out the band and they all look like they’re having a good time. Certainly one of the coolest bands that I’ve seen and heard in awhile.

Watch the Noisettes video for “Scratch Your Name”

Noisettes have quite a big tour planned across Europe, the UK and the US this spring and summer so if you like what you hear check them out!

Following are the Noisettes 2007 tour dates:

*Dates could be added or changed! Go to the Noisettes Official Website for the latest tour dates and information.

May 2 2007 Kings College – SOLD OUT London
May 3 2007 53 Degrees Preston
May 4 2007 Cornerhouse – Sumo Middlesbrough
May 5 2007 The Priory Doncaster
May 6 2007 Cathouse Glasgow
May 8 2007 Keele University, Love Music Hate Racism event Keele
May 9 2007 Mojo event London
May 9 2007 Soundhaus Northampton
May 11 2007 Rosis Berlin
May 12 2007 Molotov Hamburg
May 13 2007 Geb?ude 9 Cologne
May 14 2007 Ekko Utrecht
May 18 2007 Topman DJ set London
May 19 2007 Great Escape Festival Brighton
May 21 2007 Temple Bar, Bud Rising Show, supporting Maximo Park Dublin
May 24 2007 Koko, War Child Event London
May 26 2007 Pinkpop Festival, 3FM stage near Amsterdam
May 27 2007 Pompano Beach Amphitheatre West Palm Beach, Florida
May 28 2007 USF Sun Dome Tampa, Florida
May 29 2007 UCF Arena Orlando, Florida
May 31 2007 Tabernacle Atlanta, Georgia
Jun 1 2007 House Of Blues North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Jun 2 2007 Millenium Center Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Jun 5 2007 Electric Factory Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Jun 6 2007 Knitting Factory New York
Jun 7 2007 Asbury Park Convention Hall Asbury Park, New Jersey
Jun 9 2007 Schubas Chicago
Jun 11 2007 Uptown Theatre Kansas City, Kansas
Jun 12 2007 Ogden Centre Denver, Colorado
Jun 13 2007 The Pearl Las Vegas, Nevada
Jun 14 2007 Pop Scene @ 330 Ritch San Francisco
Jun 15 2007 Troubadour Los Angeles
Jun 16 2007 Viejas Concerts In The Park Alpine, California
Jun 20 2007 Pembroke May Ball, Pembroke College Cambridge
Jun 22 2007 Glastonbury Casino @ Lost Vagueness near Glastonbury town
Jun 23 2007 Glastonbury, Leftfield stage ? Love Music Hate Racism near Glastonbury town
Jun 24 2007 Glastonbury, John Peel Stage. near Glastonbury town
Jun 27 2007 Hove Festival, Marquee stage Tromoy, Ardenal
Jun 30 2007 Bournemouth Music Festival, headline slot Bournemouth
Jul 1 2007 Metropolis Festival Rotterdam
Jul 4 2007 Manchester Academy 3, International Festival, headliners Manchester
Jul 13 2007 Lounge On The Farm Canterbury
Jul 27 2007 Secret Garden Party, main stage near Cambridge
Jul 28 2007 Standon Calling Festival at The Spitz, headline slot London
Aug 2 2007 Sudoeste Festival Zambujeira do Mar
Aug 4 2007 1st Festival Wick, Wales
Aug 17 2007 Pukkelpop Festival Kiewit, Hasselt
Aug 24 2007 Rock En Seine Festival Paris
Sep 7 2007 Isle Of Wight Festival, Main Stage Isle Of Wight

Noisettes Official Website
Noisettes on Myspace

By: Jenny May