Fyfe Dangerfield (Guillemots) EXCLUSIVE interview + She Needs Me video

Guillemots frontman Fyfe Dangerfield has released his debut solo album Fly Yellow Moon.

Fyfe Dangerfield
I had a few questions for him.

Guillemots frontman Fyfe Dangerfield has released his debut solo album Fly Yellow Moon.

Fyfe Dangerfield

I had a few questions for him.

Jenny May: Hi Fyfe, hope you’re well.

Fyfe Dangerfield: Hey Jenny! Helloo .. hope you’re good too!

Why did you decide to record a solo album?

I didn’t really decide as such, I just had some free time before Christmas 2008 and thought I’d book 5 days in a studio with my friend Adam to demo some of the songs I’d written that year. And in doing that we ended up with a big chunk of what became the finished record – I think because we weren’t trying hard to perfect or construct anything as such, it came out quite, to our ears at least, fresh and raw sounding. Obviously not raw compared to Shellac or something, but raw in a kind of unpolished, simple way.

Fly Yellow Moon features a refreshing mix of sounds, beautiful instrumentation and I’ve always been a fan of your passionate and honest voice. What was the process of deciding which songs would go on the album?

Well thank you loads! We just recorded a lot and then tried to get a tracklist that worked. A lot of the tracks on the bonus album (there’s another 10 track album included in the special edition, which will hopefully then be released digitally later in the year) are to my ears just as good as ones on the main album, in fact I prefer some of them! But there was a real sort of narrative, in my head, to the record, it was really important to me from the start that it started and ended with the tracks that it does. Which caused some debate in circles around me, but I’m glad I stuck to what I thought in this case. I think generally when you have a gut feeling like that it’s right.

Who are the musicians playing on the album?

I’m playing guitars, bass, keys and stuff, and there’s two different drummers – Jamie, from the Noisettes, and a guy called Matt Ingram. Both are very different sorts of drummer, and both are wonderful. . it was really lovely working with some new people – you realise how much influence it has, who you decide to work with. . both of them had a massive impact on the tracks they play on .. but at the same time, working with Jamie and Matt, lovely as it was, made me appreciate what a special relationship I have with Greig [from Guillemots] as a drummer. You get different things out of working with different people, and I’ll definitely work with both of them again in the future, but at the same time, Greig’s undoubtedly the most unique drummer I’ve ever encountered. It’s a lovely position to be in as a songwriter where you can play things with different people. It’s sort of like being able to suddenly change the interior of your house at a moment’s notice.

Anyway, beyond that, it’s then just some string and brass players here and there. Bernard Butler plays guitar on She Needs Me and Laurence the studio assistant at the studio where we were finishing off some of the stuff in 2009 whistles on “High on the Tide”, because I can’t whistle!

How did it work out that you would work with (some of) them?

Well Jamie I just knew from ‘the circuit’, if you like. . we’ve known the Noisettes for a while, and I did a Rock Against Racism thing with Jamie and Drew from Babyshambles a couple of years back. Matt, I’d done a demo session with Emmy the Great with him once, and also Urchin, where we recorded – which we got put onto by a friend of a friend – turned out to be his studio… and an amazing studio it is, one of my favourites ever. A little wee place, but the atmosphere there is great.

Fyfe Dangerfield - Fly Yellow Moon

Why did you name the album Fly Yellow Moon?

It’s the first line of “So Brand New”, which I think maybe sums up the record the most if I had to choose one track. It just seemed like a nice phrase to attach to the record as a whole, it somehow fits the way it sounds, to my ears anyway.

Will you be touring as a solo artist throughout 2010?

I’ve just done 4 shows in the UK last week, which were really really fun – by the last couple I felt I was really getting into my stride. I’m hopefully going to America in March for a couple of weeks, and then maybe some more shows in the UK later in the year. We’re not quite sure yet, we’re just going to sort of see what feels right. I definitely hope I’ll be doing some festivals in the summer, probably the smaller, nicer ones!

You’re involved with another music project, Gannets. How long has that been going and who is involved?

That’s been going a good few years now. It’s Chris and Alex who were the old Guillemots saxmen, my cousin Steve Noble on drums, and Dom Lash on double bass, and me on keyboards. My main thing with Gannets is I want us to get a record out this year, it’s just hard finding the time to mix down the various sessions we’ve recorded. Playing in Gannets is great fun though. It’s entirely improvised, so some gigs are much better than others, but it’s worth it for the gigs where we really hit it. And it’s just very fun, it’s far from being a chin-stroking “new music” group or anything. I always imagine a tiger running into a 1920s business meeting or something.. it’s that sort of gear for me.

Watch “She Needs Me” video:

It seems you have a fascination with birds. A Guillemot is a bird, Gannets are birds. Is it a fascination or something else? When did this begin?

I love birdwatching, but the name thing is just because I’m terrible with names, and I guess it just makes it easier – “okay, let’s name it after a bird”.

I’m sure fans will be wondering when the next Guillemots album is coming out…? Will you be recording another Guillemots album? How’s it going?

Hopefully we’ll be starting to record in the next couple of months. We’ve got a bit more writing and rehearsing coming up and at the same time we’re talking to producers and trying to find the right person to work with at the moment. We’ve been writing for nearly a year now so have loads of stuff we’ve amassed – I think we all feel we have it in us to make something really really special but we maybe need a bit of help from someone to tie all our ideas together. I’m currently trying to write some songs for the band too – which I haven’t done for a while as we enjoy writing together so much. But I feel sort of ready again to try bringing in some stuff to Guillemots, so that’s a new challenge for me too.

If you could spend the day anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Oh, I can think of many places but that’s my secret.

Who would you love to see cover one of your songs?

Neil Young. That would send me through the roof.

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Little Comets, Noisettes LIVE review, O2 Academy Oxford


Little Comets

Thursday night on the Cowley Road, Oxford. It’s drizzly outside but warm in the O2 Academy, and as we enter we’re greeted by a steward who informs us of the forthcoming entertainment and hopes we enjoy the evening. So for some ale and to find a good spot to stand to see Little Comets.


Little Comets

Thursday night on the Cowley Road, Oxford. It’s drizzly outside but warm in the O2 Academy, and as we enter we’re greeted by a steward who informs us of the forthcoming entertainment and hopes we enjoy the evening. So for some ale and to find a good spot to stand to see Little Comets.

It’s good to see a band self-roadieing – setting up – as well as hanging percussion instruments from a string strung above them, from one side of the stage to the other. After a short while they return to the stage, introducing themselves as coming from Newcastle and belt into their first song “Adultery” which is their new single and a damn good one to put out there.

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Noisettes Scratch Your Name video and tour dates

NoisettesThis morning our mini video session was a success. Normally the TV doesn’t stay on very long in the mornings especially if there’s ‘nothing on’, but when the Noisettes video for their latest single, “Scratch Your Name” started up I knew we were on to a winner.

I’ve been hearing a lot about the Noisettes lately and keep running into them on Myspace but hadn’t yet sat down to give them a good listen until today. It goes to show, YouTube isn’t the only source for discovering new bands – TV can still be good for watching music videos (depending on your tolerance levels) as I have been getting turned on to a few bands lately via the telly.

If you’re into your London based indie rock bands with a punk edge that include cool looking and sounding female singers backed by a loud band, then run out to your local music shop and buy the Noisettes latest CD. Better yet, make it easier for yourself and buy it online.

“Scratch Your Name” is off of Noisettes latest album What’s The Time Mr. Wolf? which was recently released in the US and the UK. In the “Scratch Your Name” video, singer and bassist Shingai Shoniwa reminded me of Grace Jones a bit – her clothes, hair and makeup were reminiscent of the flamboyant and statuesque singer popular in the 80’s. Guitarist Dan Smith and drummer Jamie Morrison round out the band and they all look like they’re having a good time. Certainly one of the coolest bands that I’ve seen and heard in awhile.

Watch the Noisettes video for “Scratch Your Name”

Noisettes have quite a big tour planned across Europe, the UK and the US this spring and summer so if you like what you hear check them out!

Following are the Noisettes 2007 tour dates:

*Dates could be added or changed! Go to the Noisettes Official Website for the latest tour dates and information.

May 2 2007 Kings College – SOLD OUT London
May 3 2007 53 Degrees Preston
May 4 2007 Cornerhouse – Sumo Middlesbrough
May 5 2007 The Priory Doncaster
May 6 2007 Cathouse Glasgow
May 8 2007 Keele University, Love Music Hate Racism event Keele
May 9 2007 Mojo event London
May 9 2007 Soundhaus Northampton
May 11 2007 Rosis Berlin
May 12 2007 Molotov Hamburg
May 13 2007 Geb?ude 9 Cologne
May 14 2007 Ekko Utrecht
May 18 2007 Topman DJ set London
May 19 2007 Great Escape Festival Brighton
May 21 2007 Temple Bar, Bud Rising Show, supporting Maximo Park Dublin
May 24 2007 Koko, War Child Event London
May 26 2007 Pinkpop Festival, 3FM stage near Amsterdam
May 27 2007 Pompano Beach Amphitheatre West Palm Beach, Florida
May 28 2007 USF Sun Dome Tampa, Florida
May 29 2007 UCF Arena Orlando, Florida
May 31 2007 Tabernacle Atlanta, Georgia
Jun 1 2007 House Of Blues North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Jun 2 2007 Millenium Center Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Jun 5 2007 Electric Factory Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Jun 6 2007 Knitting Factory New York
Jun 7 2007 Asbury Park Convention Hall Asbury Park, New Jersey
Jun 9 2007 Schubas Chicago
Jun 11 2007 Uptown Theatre Kansas City, Kansas
Jun 12 2007 Ogden Centre Denver, Colorado
Jun 13 2007 The Pearl Las Vegas, Nevada
Jun 14 2007 Pop Scene @ 330 Ritch San Francisco
Jun 15 2007 Troubadour Los Angeles
Jun 16 2007 Viejas Concerts In The Park Alpine, California
Jun 20 2007 Pembroke May Ball, Pembroke College Cambridge
Jun 22 2007 Glastonbury Casino @ Lost Vagueness near Glastonbury town
Jun 23 2007 Glastonbury, Leftfield stage ? Love Music Hate Racism near Glastonbury town
Jun 24 2007 Glastonbury, John Peel Stage. near Glastonbury town
Jun 27 2007 Hove Festival, Marquee stage Tromoy, Ardenal
Jun 30 2007 Bournemouth Music Festival, headline slot Bournemouth
Jul 1 2007 Metropolis Festival Rotterdam
Jul 4 2007 Manchester Academy 3, International Festival, headliners Manchester
Jul 13 2007 Lounge On The Farm Canterbury
Jul 27 2007 Secret Garden Party, main stage near Cambridge
Jul 28 2007 Standon Calling Festival at The Spitz, headline slot London
Aug 2 2007 Sudoeste Festival Zambujeira do Mar
Aug 4 2007 1st Festival Wick, Wales
Aug 17 2007 Pukkelpop Festival Kiewit, Hasselt
Aug 24 2007 Rock En Seine Festival Paris
Sep 7 2007 Isle Of Wight Festival, Main Stage Isle Of Wight

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By: Jenny May