Eve To Adam "Strictly following the Rock and Roll Diet..."

Eve To Adam

NYC rock quartet Eve to Adam is ready to bring their dynamic and energetic sound across America. Their new album 'Queens to Eden' is now released and instore for fans to check out now. The album has been reviewed as an "Album that can not miss".

Eve to Adam is influenced by 80's and 90's arena rock bands like Guns N' Roses, Soundgarden and Stone Temple Pilots and their sound has been compared to artists such as Velvet Revolver, Creed and Nickelback. As a result, Eve to Adam has attracted a wide range of fans from the blue-collar working class to the deep-rooted music enthusiasts.

Determination and passion are the foundation of Eve to Adam. In late 2006, the band loaded up a van and drove cross-country to Los Angeles. For two months, the four guys shared one hotel room while they recorded their soon to be released CD, 'Queens to Eden'. Queens to Eden was produced by Sean E. Demott (The Bangkok Five) and Paul Lani (Megadeth) on a shoestring budget but with a six-figure sound. Some of the highlight tracks include, "No Regret", "Rise", "Open Door" and "2 Pills".

Eve to Adam's live show and attitude are a testament to their passion. As Taki vividly describes, "Our live shows are volatile and spontaneous. The chemistry of the band is apparent in our fervent musicianship and high energy shows. We live in the moment, feed off each other and the audience, so it's a different show every night. This isn't a job, it's our life." With over 300 shows under their belt, Eve to Adam has gained a loyal following with an ever-increasing fanbase. The band is scheduled to tour extensively throughout 2007, including a high-profile opening slot for RCA recording artist Daughtry.

Eve to Adam is ready to bring rock music back to where it belongs. As Taki proclaims, "There is no life in rock today. We are here to revive the pulse, get the blood circulating and bring back the heart and soul."


"All I can say about this album is wow. I play this album at least once a day. There is not a bad song on the album. Current single of 151 is very good. The song If U R ( My Antidote ) should be their next single, very catchy chorus. The ballad "Comin' Home ( A Stranger )" dedicated to the men and women of the armed forces is a sure winner. Saw them open up for Tesla on their current tour. Phenomenal energy, they played for approximately 45 minutes and got the crowd totally amped." - Amazon Customer Dave Ness "Rock Junkie" (Las Vegas)

"...their intense brand of modern hard rock have opened for everyone from Crossfade and Saliva to Daughtry and Tesla" - Seaoftranquility.org

Quickie on the Artist:
ARTIST: Eve to Adam
ALBUM: Queens to Eden
LABEL: KDS Music Group
SOUNDS LIKE: Classic Rock and Modern Rock's sexy little love child.

Eve to Adam on MySpace - http://myspace.com/evetoadam
Eve to Adam Official Website - http://www.evetoadam.com
Online Street Team: http://evetoadam.streetbee.com
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2 Responses to Eve To Adam "Strictly following the Rock and Roll Diet..."

  1. Brenda says:

    If you want to really get Rocked by a REAL Rock Band, you need Eve To Adam's "Queens To Eden" CD. I have seen ETA in concert many times and it just doesn't get any better than this!!!! Their CD will have you Rockin' from beginning to end.....Their 1st single release is "151" and I love it....But their 2nd single release coming out Sept 2007 is "No Regret" and it's my favorite song ever!!!
    Love these guys and LOVE their music. They are Rock at it's best!!!!

  2. Puffy says:

    Love the music. ETA rock. I wanna see them live!

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