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Emily King set to play live on Blog TV – Music Mondays

Wanna be a rock star or at least chat one up? BlogTV now features live music streamed right to your screen on MUSIC MONDAYS. As of November 12, 2007, and running each Monday night, BlogTV is featuring LIVE, online, intimate performances by the hottest up and coming bands. Sign up for a free BlogTV account now and tune in to, Mondays at 7PM EST, to see your favorite music artists perform LIVE on blogTV’s new MUSIC MONDAYS!

New York Soultress EMILY KING will be rocking through your speakers and screen with a live performance. The event takes place on Monday, December 17th 2007 as part of BlogTV’s New Artist Showcase “Music Monday.”

King’s performance is a must see. Her music cannot be contained by any one category, Emily King represents the best of what our musical future might look like. Rather than concentrate on the differences between hip-hop and rock, party music and protest music, black and white, she’s committing herself to finding common ground. “I’m just finding my own culture within myself,” she says. “We have a lot of division in our society, but I was never raised like that. I feel like what I’m doing right now is going to bring a lot of people together.”

Her performance begins promptly at 7pm EST (12/17/07), so log on to, enter the show and prepare to be entertained!

Watch AND listen as Emily King performs LIVE on your computer screen. Following the online set, she will be online for a real-time webchat with the BlogTV viewing audience – so get your questions ready and ask away!

“Our performance on BlogTV’s “Music Monday” enabled us to develop a direct connection with our fans that was both immediate and intimate. In a way we never have before we put on a performance just for them”. -The Classic Crime, Music Monday Band from 12-3

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