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Stereo MCs Live at the BBC CD + upcoming DJ shows

Stereo MCs

One of the most successful hip-hop acts to emerge from the UK, Stereo MCs' line-up revolved around three women and three men: Rob Birch (vocals), Nick 'The Head' Hallam (synths/computers/scratching) Owen If (percussion) plus Cath Coffey, Andrea Bedassie and Verona David (backing vocals).

Hailing from Nottingham, where they had been friends since the age of six, Rob Birch and Nick Hallam originally formed a rock duo there called Dogman And Head, before moving to London in 1985 when they were both 17 years old. Once in London they started recording rap music and, together with John Baker and DJ Richie Rich, formed the Gee Street label as a means of promoting their music. Gee Street soon signed a distribution deal with the New York-based 4th & Broadway label and a series of singles followed before Stereo MCs' debut album 33, 45, 78 surfaced in 1989. This was followed by the 1990 album 'Supernatural' and the group's 1991 single "Elevate My Mind" gave them a US Top 40 hit that year, which was a first for a UK hip-hop outfit.

Although their first two albums had been well received it was their powerful third album, 'Connected', which really brought them serious recognition when it crashed into the album charts in 1992. When the single to the title track and the brilliantly rhythmic "Step It Up" were released, the Stereo MCs finally gained the wider audience that they truly deserved. In 1994 the Stereo MCs picked up the awards Best Album for 'Connected' and for Best Group at the BRITs. 'Connected' was also short listed for a Mercury Prize.

This 20 track disc features the best of their studio recordings and concerts that were recorded for and broadcast by the BBC and charts their rise to multi-platinum album sellers. All of the tracks here were hand picked by the group and feature exclusive versions of some of their biggest hits. This is a wonderful alternative 'best of' and, just as they are about to release their latest album, it serves as a fantastic reminder of Stereo MCs at their commercial peak. Stereo MCs Live at the BBC is set for UK release January 28th, 2008.

Stereo MCs Live at the BBC track listing:

Elevate My Mind (Town and Country) 08/05/1993
Sofisticated Lamacq Live 09/04/2001
Deep Down & Dirty Lamacq Live 09/04/2001
Fade Away T&C 08/05/1993
Graffiti Part 1 Lamacq Live 09/04/2001
Graffiti Part 2 Lamacq 09/04/2001
Connected Town and Country 08/05/1993
Pressure Town and Country 08/05/1993
Playing With Fire Town and Country 08/05/1993
Lost In Music T&C 08/05/1993
Ground Level T&C 08/05/1993
Breeze Lamacq Live 09/04/2001
Step It Up (Version) Evening Session 26/09/1992
Creation Evening Session 26/09/1992
Set It Off Janice Long 18/8/05
What Is Soul Liz Kershaw 24/04/1988
Toe To Toe Andy Kershaw 05/01/1989
Gee Street Liz Kershaw 24/04/1988

The Stereo MCs are currently on a DJ tour throughout the UK and Europe.

Stereo MCs show dates:

Dates could change! Go to Stereo MCs Official Website for the latest tour dates and information.

25 Jan 2008 CDQ Club (DJ SET) Warsaw
26 Jan 2008 Sfinks Club (DJ SET) Sopot, Poland
1 Feb 2008 Club Low (DJ SET) Madrid
8 Feb 2008 Maria am Ostbahnof (DJ SET) Berlin, Germany
9 Feb 2008 Ubel and Gefahrlich (DJ SET) Hamburg, Germany
29 Feb 2008 Fabric (DJ SET) London
15 Mar 2008 Lagerhof (DJ SET) Leipzig, Germany
20 Mar 2008 Toni Molkerei (DJ SET) Zurich
28 Mar 2008 Moles Club (DJ SET) Bath

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