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Oatmeal TV - The Hives

On Oatmeal TV, fresh off the heels of covering SXSW, Russ and Tom bring to your attention the 'Horror Episode'...which is literally full to the brim with hauntingly accurate recreations of your favourite horror movies like Psycho, Blair Witch Project and Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Amid Tom being killed with a chainsaw and becoming a zombie, though, there's the more serious stuff of the boys having some crazy times with your favourite artists, so they've been terrorising the Camden Crawl to bring you the finest music interviews from across the land - Jonathan Ross eat your heart out.

Amongst the action you can see Sam Sparro talking about getting hot and sweaty at his gig at the Electric Ballroom, Soulja Boy dissecting the meanings of his latest hit "Yaaah!", Cage The Elephant talking about exploding pants on microphone stands and The Hives about working with some music tech bloke called Pharell.

There's plenty of other stuff as well - Russ at home with The Metros, Noah and the Whale discussing getting mud in their furry shoes, and Enter Shikari indulging in some gentlemans lunges - basically more entertaining things than you can shake a stick at. You can even check out Bono practically begging Russ for a slice of the action over the phone. Nuff said...

Whilst the world's being taken over by zombies, we can take comfort from the fact that Oatmeal TV is getting some fantastic press. The website's been featured in the Sun and the Guardian in the last couple of weeks, as well as in Esquire magazine in March - hell, even the Daily Mail want a piece of the action!

"The presenters are hotter than a roast chicken. And that is f**king hot" - TV PLUS SUPPLEMENT - DAILY MAIL Tues 19th Feb 2008.

"Oatmeal TV is a spicy televisual feast. Full of hot sharp rock and dark musical pepper. Sheer healthy golden magic." - ESQUIRE MAGAZINE March 2008

"The shows are slick and well-edited, and if nothing else, you've got to admire their cheek - after all, they do manage to slap Josh Homme on camera" - THE SUN Friday 2nd May 2008

Oatmeal TV won't rest on its laurels, though. Like the bang-up-to-date type of concept it is, Oatmeal's now got some new 'Extra Bits', where you can check out the best bits of previous episodes, such as Lightspeed Champion giving an impromptu acoustic performance.

For more information and to watch episodes, go to:

Oatmeal TV Official Website

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