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Grace Jones set to release ‘Hurricane’ – first studio album in 20 years


Grace Jones

Prepare for the storm; the Hurricane is coming…

Pop sorceress, iconic diva and multimedia fashionista Grace Jones returns this year to release her first studio album in two decades, entitled ‘Hurricane’, scheduled for release on October 27th, 2008 in the UK.

Following her one off London Show at the Royal Festival Hall on June 19th for Massive Attack’s Meltdown series of concerts, which received critical acclaim across the board, cult indie label Wall of Sound today announce the release of what will be one of the most anticipated albums of the year, if not the decade. PIAS, parent company of Wall Of Sound, will also distribute the album worldwide excluding North America.

On the show itself, The Times called it a “sensational return to form”, whilst the Telegraph observed that “all around the gawping, whistling, cheering Festival Hall was the sense that this is how a star should be”.

The Guardian confirmed how “she is an ongoing performance art project…what resonates is not any one song, but Jones’ unparalleled presence”.

Says Mark Jones, Managing Director of Wall of Sound – “It’s an absolute honour and privilege to be working with Grace. No one has inspired more people whatever race, sex, colour or creed to be who they want to be and so much more. Her new album will not only re-establish her as one of the world’s most important artists but also introduce her to a new generation of music lovers”.

Grace Jones, who pioneered avant-garde pop, fashion and culture has been working with various purveyors of pop perfection. The album was produced by Ivor Guest and Grace herself and includes performances from Sly and Robbie and Brian Eno.

Grace this week, on signing to Wall Of Sound and the new record; simply said ‘Grrrrrrr’.

The London show also saw Jones premiere for the very first time four new tracks for the forthcoming LP, including the much cited “Corporate Cannibal”, a thunderous, epic emotionally charged monster of sonic wonder, illustrating how the 56 year old Jamaican born diva can redefine the boundaries of convention.

Her last studio album was ‘Bulletproof Heart’, released in 1989 on Capitol Records.

Says Brendan Coyle of CMO Management on the forthcoming record; “Hurricane continues Graces’ legacy of timeless, classic music, which after the dust settles will remain as fresh in 20 years time as it is today. Grace is an Icon who Inspires, Challenges and furrows her own unique path, which many have followed and will continue to follow. Lock down, and prepare for Hurricane Grace”.

With more news to be announced soon, Grace will also be headlining the Secret Garden Party Festival in Huntingdon, in the UK on Saturday 26th July, 2008.

Grace Jones Official Website

Jenny May / Band Weblogs on Twitter
Jenny May / Band Weblogs on Twitter!

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  2. By APB on Jul 10, 2008 | Reply

    Its been a long long wait but finally Grace is about to er, Grace us, with a new album & for me Oct 27th cannon come quick enough.

    The recent Meltdown show was an event plain & simple. Grace was on form vocally, she messed with the audience, kept us waiting several times while she changed costumes & had virtually everyone on their feet.

    It wasn’t the slickest show Ive seen, there were times when I thought it was all going horribly wrong but you have to try to understand the magic that is created when Grace hits the stage.

    There were lasers, costume changes galore, effects, videos & wind machines – you name it but none of this stuff matters, Grace Jones is simply awe inspiring & I doubt she even understands why herself, she is a true Icon & to say she is unique is an understatement.

    I long to hear the album & I have a feeling that 2008 may be the kick start that Grace needs to propel her back to the status she so truly deserves.

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