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The Hatch

Formed in St. Louis, the now Brooklyn based pop/rock group The Hatch channels Michael Jackson, Elton John, The Band, The White Stripes and Jon Brion on their debut LP, 'Fit To Burst'.

The band employs an indie-rock business model to drive forward its radio-ready rock songs dressed in RnB style. The Hatch has opened for national acts such as Phantom Planet, Plain White T's, Live, and Robert Randolph, and is poised to catch today's desensitized pop fan off guard.

Download "The Flood" MP3

More from the press:

"The Hatch write catchy pop-rock in the vein of Scissor Sisters (that'd mean early Elton John if you're over the age of 40). Accessibility is the name of the game here and it's achieved with aplomb. Watch out for this 4-piece blazing their way across your fave FM pop station soon..." - 1/2008

"Keaton spawn Sean Douglas performed at the Hollywood Life House on Saturday to a packed and pumped crowd. The band jammed so hard they temporarily blew out the power, and one hot and bothered fan screamed out, "Sean, I want to spend the night with you!" The blushing singer mumbled, "I'm sorry, that's not the name of one of our songs," while his dad, who was perched on a chair to see over the crowd, just laughed." - New York Daily News 1/2008

"Michael Keaton makes his directorial debut with The Merry Gentleman, a soulful drama that shows the one-time caped crusader is as comfortable behind the camera as he is in front of it. As an icing on this already satisfying cake the film's elegant soundtrack, composed by Jonathan Sadoff and Sean Douglas, underscores crucial beats in the story with masterful precision." - 1/2008

"Most come to DC9 expecting - to some degree - a warts and all show that leaves a little to be desired. One thing you don't tend to expect is the kind of polish that came from The Hatch... and all that practice and time together has served them well - they're an extremely tight band, well-trained in all their songs' melodic turns. It was the sort of modern rock that could get this band a hit someday... call it good stage presence and duly note that they got the crowd up and dancing." - The DCist 5/2007

"And while the album lacks one critical aspect of the band's live performance - namely, the four members' infectious stage presence - it's still a respectable offering from a very talented young band...Ultimately, Fit to Burst shows a depth of songwriting and performing from a promising young band." - Laura Hamlett Playback St. Louis. 1/2007

'Fit To Burst' is available on iTunes, Napter, eMusic, and Amazon.

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