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Sunfold to release 'Toy Tugboats', download MP3 + tour dates

Sunfold - Toy Tugboats

Kenny Florence may not yet be of legal age to buy beer, but he has a clear musical vision that he portrays in his musical project Sunfold.

'Toy Tugboats' is the culmination of years of musical exploration and experience, resulting in a diverse blend of jazz, folk, pop, and rock.

Sharing the same members as North Carolina's Annuals, and being the fifth release on the collective's Terpsikhore label, Sunfold utilize a collective approach to achieve an impressive level of comfort within each realm it chooses to invade.

While Annuals is praised for frontman Adam Baker's uncanny pop sensibility combined with his boundless sonic ambition, Florence's approach through Sunfold is more of a controlled and formulaic thought process, deliberately applied to different musical styles.


Download "Sara The American Winter" MP3

'Toy Tugboats' is set for release July 22, 2008.

Sunfold has been captivating audiences across North Carolina and plans are underway to do the same around the US this summer.

Sunfold July 2008 tour dates:

(Dates subject to change.)

July 22 - DC9 - Washington DC
July 23 - The M Room - Philadelphia PA
July 25 - Union Hall - Brooklyn NY
July 26 - Mercury Lounge - NY
July 27 - The Middle East Upstairs - Boston MA
July 29 - Local 506 - Chapel Hill NC

"Kenny Florence has an amazing voice which just can't be ignored...unlike many 'side-projects', Sunfold stands on it's own two feet...the amazing melodies make the songs shine." - Triangle Music

" if Jeff Buckley came back from the grave to give the world one final moment of 'Grace.'" - Rock and Roll Ghost

Sunfold on Terpsikhore

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