Colbie Caillat to re-release "Bubbly" debut single + watch video

Colbie Caillat

Due to unprecedented public demand, US star Colbie Caillat is set to re-release her debut single "Bubbly" in the UK on 8th September, 2008 on the Universal label through the Island Records Group.

"Bubbly" has already been a huge success, reaching No. 1 in 12 countries, and her debut album 'Coco' has achieved multi-platinum success throughout the world.

'Coco' has now sold in excess of 2 million copies and is the No 11 best-selling digital album of all time selling more digital albums than Coldplay!

In an age when marketing has been elevated above content and so many songs are written and produced to a pre-ordained formula, Caillat comes as a welcome breath of fresh air.

Think of the kind of vintage, organically-crafted records that Carole King or Joni Mitchell used to make. Thankfully, it's a tradition that is being kept alive today by the likes of Norah Jones, Jack Johnson - and now Colbie Caillat.

Caillat grew up in the idyllic clime of Malibu, California with music all around her. Her father, Ken Caillat, co-produced Fleetwood Mac's 'Rumours' and 'Tusk' albums and later ran his own record label. As a child she recalls the likes of Mick Fleetwood and John McVie being around. "Of course I've learned a lot from them. You'd be a fool not to," she says. Yet she is totally her own woman.

Amazingly Colbie only started playing guitar three years ago and was soon consumed with the songwriting bug. Fast forward 18 months and she put a few songs on MySpace. "Nothing much happened for a few months," she remembers. "Then I wrote this song called "Bubbly" and put it up there and it got this huge reaction. I mean thousands and thousands of hits every day." In the end, she became the number one unsigned artist on MySpace for four successive months, garnering an almost unbelievable 10 million plays.

Watch "Bubbly" video

Quite what it is about "Bubbly" that struck such a chord, she's still not entirely sure. "I guess it's the simplicity of the lyrics and the melody," she says. "It's meant to make you feel good and everybody can relate to it. I love all kinds of music and I've been influenced by all of it," she says. "Classic rock like Fleetwood Mac and the Steve Miller Band. Original soul like Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder. Lauryn Hill. Bob Marley and reggae, John Mayer. Anything that makes you feel good."

"You make me smile, please stay for a while," she sings on "Bubbly". It really ought to be her mantra.

Colbie Caillat MySpace

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