Chiki "1 U Luv" debut release


Breakout artist Chiki is doing big things with her indie label Razzmastic Entertainment who signed her because of the hype she created for herself in the Boston Club Circuit.

Her debut release "1 U Luv" is this funky, fresh urban pop/hip hop record with a very strong chorus. There has been much talk from reviews and charts at some Record Pools that this song will be a 'winter heater' and crossover to Top40! Big talk - but consider that Chiki has been exploding on the club scene in Boston and NY since 2006.

Chiki is really someone who has paid her dues and gone from ground level up on her own. This is no manufactured popstar as she came from humble family roots. She started out organizing her original street shows in Boston, to performing them in auditoriums and dives, to then being invited to perform for Top Billboard Performing Artists.

This twenty-eight year old singer/songwriter/performer has also started getting immersed in production. She is being groomed by multi-platinum awarded Producer/Engineer Marcus Rap who has worked with many big time artists like New Kids On The Block, and members of Parliament Funk and Funkadelics. Perhaps this is why the combination of Chiki and Marcus have a sound that is all at once Funk and Pop with elements of live drums that can waver to rock at times.

Chiki is being compared to successful artists like Gwen Stefani and Madonna because of her multi-dimensional personality. However, this chick is nothing short of original. With her always changing styling, dynamic stage presence and gorgeous face, she knows how to grab attention. Her vocal abilities let her deliver a Norah Jones Jazz feel but then she can throw in a sweet melodic chorus. Chiki's single "1 U Luv" is available on Amazon and iTunes.

For more information about Chiki, visit her at:

Chiki Official Website

By: Lisa Fire - Music Reviewer

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One Response to Chiki "1 U Luv" debut release

  1. Robotgirl says:

    Chiki is soo kewl. She is really different and can sing ANYTHING, her voice can sound hard or really sweet and pretty. She writes her own music, does her own styling and her performance style is really different. I've seen her in weird eccentric outfits but even when she looks more normal-ish, she still stands out. Her energy is awesome live. I've seen her twice. :-) I just bought her single '1 U Luv' from Itunes and I love it...even like my mom and dad likes it so I think it's awesome that she can do that and still be cool to a sixteen year old (me!). Robotgirl

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