Guns N' Roses Widgets (urFooz, Spinlets) on MySpace hit 10 million views in one week

Axl Rose - urFooz

FUHU Inc., leading the market in connecting people and content across their favorite destinations, has reported over ten million views in the first week of their Guns N' Roses Spinlets widgets and urFooz cards of Axl Rose and Bumblefoot on MySpace, positioning the company as the dominant music widgets provider, facilitating extension of music brands and personal information across the social networking space.

Guns N' Roses on

Chinese Democracyon

Spinlets are new information-rich music widgets that let users place favorite artists' videos, links, pictures, MP3s, ring-tones, news and more on their own favorite sites (

While urFooz are the newest in interactive portable profiles that, like a virtual baseball card , depict the user's own avatar on one side and the user's profile, favorite pictures, music, links and videos on the reverse ( urFooz gives users the ability to share information across their favorite social networks with a single virtual identity card.

Instant Hit

FUHU launched its Guns N' Roses (GNR) "Chinese Democracy" Spinlets widgets featuring its Best Buy partnership and including the bands MP3s, photos, videos and more. The GNR Spinlets widgets have averaged over 1.4 million views per day and have been placed by users over 2,500 times on new websites. FUHU's urFooz card of Axl Rose has racked up over 1,750,000 views in its first week on Guns N' Roses MySpace.

"Widgets are transforming how music content is consumed, shared and distributed," said FUHU CEO, Jim Mitchell. "We are excited to showcase our technology with this historic album release and we are proud to help use social networking to give fans access to more Guns N' Roses content whenever they want it, wherever they want it. Our widgets come backed by powerful analytics which have allowed us to track their adoption to every corner of the world."

FUHU is the leader in music widgets with a music catalog of more than 300 leading artists who have partnered with Spinlets and urFooz to exploit the value of extending their audiences to the social network widget landscape.

About FUHU

FUHU is a leading provider of Web 2.0 properties and applications that help to consolidate and organize a user's "digital life" and make it universally accessible and shareable. The company's portfolio of integrated products: Spinlets ( ) and urFooz ( ) can be distributed and accessed across multiple devices, including computers, mobile phones, and televisions. FUHU's strong distribution network is free of ties to a single destination and promotes the top ecosystems on the web to embed FUHU's products into their properties to acquire more customers and provide rich content discovery.

For more information about the company and details about their suite of products, please visit:

FUHU Official Website

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One Response to Guns N' Roses Widgets (urFooz, Spinlets) on MySpace hit 10 million views in one week

  1. Great site! Just came across it! I just picked up the new GNR album - interesting stats on the widgets - some musicians get it - some are still learning (marketing music in the 'new age')...

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