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Bill Hicks

New at Band Weblogs: we'll be reviewing stand-up comedians as well as comedy releases such as DVD's, TV shows, CDs, etc. and basically pointing you in the right direction for a good laugh.

Because God knows we all need a good chuckle in these days of Credit crunching. Although there was light at the end of the tunnel. Unfortunately it had to be turned off due to the recession. I know, we shouldn't laugh at misfortune......but, F**** it! We've been laughing at the man falling over since cave man days (and do you know what? It just gets funnier)! Look I can prove it - check out this clip:

Man falling over video:

If you are a stand-up comedian or an agent / manager, please send us information of gigs, books or releases and we'll endeavor to review and/or publish press releases for you.

Simply email: info at bandweblogs dot com with your information and enquiries.

In the meantime, I would like to play you some of the late great Bill Hicks. In my opinion one of the cleverest comedians to spit into a mic'. Now this show was the first time I had seen or heard of Mr Hicks and it freaked me out!!

Sit back "smoke a cigarette" or eat some popcorn and laugh at this man.

Watch Bill Hicks - Revelations video:

Bill Hicks on

Bill Hicks on

By: Dave Tommo

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