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Bill Nelson's Red Noise review

Bill Nelson's Red Noise

Time to bring back an old band that is unknown by many of the great unwashed general public. This week is Bill Nelson's Red Noise. After dissolving Be Bop Deluxe, Bill turned his attention to this strange and interesting project.

This was one of the forerunners of the new romantic era. I have to say I am not one of the biggest new romantic fans, but credit where credit is due. There have been some pretty good tunes to come out under this umbrella, and Bill Nelson is one of those fellows who didn't do too badly with the association.

Red Noise emerged in 1978, way before Depeche Mode had decided that one-fingered keyboard playing was the way to go. The Sex Pistols had just split. Stiff Little Fingers were in the middle of their first UK tour and the question of the time was, "are The Undertones punk or new wave?" All this to consider and The Clash hadn't even written "London Calling" yet.

The first and only album to be produced under the Red Noise banner was the LP called 'Sound On Sound'. This was released in 1979. A year before all the frilly pop boys started wearing frilly pop pirate costumes.

I often think that Bill Nelson is somewhat underrated. He has a lot in common with Mr. Bowie in the 'ahead of his time' sort of thing, but you could go out today and invest in Bill Nelson's Red Noise music and think how a lot of musicians now are still leaning on this style for influence.

Yes. File under unsung heroes. Drink some wine and listen to this album.

Ignore the images to this link. Just enjoy the music:

Listen to "Sound On Sound"


Listen to "Furniture Music":

Bill Nelson on

Bill Nelson website

By: Dave Tommo

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