The Stone Roses 20th Anniversary reissue album in four extended formats

The Stone Roses 20th Anniversary reissue of seminal album in four extended formats

The Stone Roses

The Stone Roses album

"The greatest album of all time" - NME

"It is perfect" - Noel Gallagher

On September 8, 2009, twenty years from the moment when four Manchester musicians stepped onto the stage of the Blackpool Empress Ballroom for what would become a legendary gig, Silvertone/Legacy is set to re-release the classic album that is THE STONE ROSES in 4 new formats.

Over two decades, the impact of the band's debut album has increased exponentially, inspiring musicians to form bands, marking a re-engagement of guitar music with the mainstream, and creating a youth culture that retains its influence across music, fashion, politics and art to this day.

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THE STONE ROSES: COLLECTOR’S EDITION of this landmark album features a fully remastered version of the UK album by original producer John Leckie and Ian Brown, alongside a host of bonus discs, unseen footage, additional tracks and interviews with high profile Roses fans.

The full DVD of that legendary Blackpool Empress Ballroom show is included while Disc 2 delivers a complete set of remastered B-sides and non-album A-sides for the band’s Silvertone singles, including such favorites as ‘Mersey Paradise’, ‘Elephant Stone’, ‘Fools Gold’, ‘What The World Is Waiting For’ and ‘One Love’.

A third CD features ‘The Lost Demos’, a previously unheard and much sought after selection of early recordings of the album tracks, B-side single tracks, plus the never before heard track ‘Pearl Bastard’. Three heavyweight vinyl LPs also collate the material across 6 sides.

Further unheard and unseen material comes in the form of five backwards tracks and John Leckie’s personal home movie ‘Up at Sawmills: The Making of Fools Gold’, which are contained on a Lemon shaped USB - in homage to the album’s iconic sleeve art.

The DVD in this collection features the legendary Blackpool gig plus all 6 of the promotional videos made during this period.

A 48-page book within the Collector’s Edition features a host of unseen images and brand new interviews with the band, plus a poem and sketch by Reni exclusively for the collection, as well as interviews with super producer John Leckie and high profile fans Noel Gallagher, Peter Hook, Mark Ronson, Glasvegas and many others.

This remarkable Collector’s Edition also includes 6 John Squire 12" card art prints for the tracks ‘I Wanna Be Adored’, ‘She Bangs The Drums’, ‘Elephant Stone’, ‘Fools Gold’, ‘One Love’ and ‘I Am The Resurrection’.

The Stone Roses

Available in four dinstinct packages:

THE STONE ROSES: SPECIAL EDITION features the remastered original UK album plus the full-length version of “Fool’s Gold” as a bonus track (1 CD)

THE STONE ROSES: LEGACY EDITION features the remastered original UK album plus the “Fool’s Gold” bonus track, The Lost Demos CD with previously unreleased bonus track “Pearl Bastard,” and the Blackpool Live DVD which includes six promo videos (2 CDs + 1 DVD)

THE STONE ROSES: COLLECTOR’S EDITION features 3 CDs, 3 heavyweight vinyl LPs, the Blackpool Live DVD, a 48-page book, six 12x12 art prints by band member John Squire, and a lemon-shaped USB which includes all audio content including “Pearl Bastard,” John Leckie’s personal home video “Up at the Sawmill: The Making of ‘Fool’s Gold’” along with the six promo videos made for the album, five previously unheard backwards tracks, digital booklet, ringtones and wallpaper

THE STONE ROSES: GATEFOLD VINYL EDITION features the remastered original LP in a gatefold LP sleeve, plus a bonus single-sided white label 7” of ‘Pearl Bastard” (vinyl LP + vinyl 7”)

More about the band:

Meshing simple, exceedingly catchy hooks with rhythmic beats, The Stones Roses led the UK’s so-called “Madchester” scene straight into the U.S. with their eponymous debut. The Stone Roses achieved one of the most successful fusions of classic pop songwriting and acid house culture, and managed to snare fans from both genres. By the end of 1989, their debut had landed on many a top-ten list for that year; NME even declared it “The Greatest Album Of All Time.”

Though the band never realized the same triumphs on their second, and final album, repercussions of their debut album’s classic pop songwriting and bright riffs could be heard well into the next decade; scores of similar UK artists, including Oasis and Travis, owe their success and popularity in no small part to this seminal album which shaped a future genre of danceable, contemporary 60s-rooted pop music. Indeed, twenty years later, the album’s impact is still felt, demonstrating an influence across music, fashion, politics, and art to this day.


- 20th Anniversary reissue of critic and fan favorite
- Produced three U.S. Top 20 Modern Rock singles: “I Wanna Be Adored,” “She Bangs The Drum,” “Fool’s Gold”
- Now available in FOUR extended formats for casual and devoted fans alike
- Consistently listed as one of the greatest albums of all time by multiple publications, including Time, Rolling Stone, Spin, NME, Q, and Pitchfork Media
- Album cover named by Q magazine as one of "The 100 Best Covers of All Time"

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The Stone Roses on

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