Chilly Gonzales, Andrew WK : Piano Battle September 25th at Joe's Pub, NYC

Andrew WK

Chilly Gonzales challenges Andrew WK To Piano Battle on September 25th at Legendary New York Venue, Joe’s Pub

Iconic rocker Andrew W.K. has accepted the challenge - from Guinness World Record holding, Grammy nominated - Chilly Gonzales to a piano battle next week in New York City’s iconic music venue Joe’s Pub.

Classically trained pianist Gonzales who recently broke a world record for the longest solo-artist performance was made aware of an interview taking place between pop culture website The Quietus and Andrew W.K. who was in the UK to promote his new album '55 Cadillac', and decided he would challenge the iconic white clad-rocker to a piano duel.

The Quietus had this to say:

'Friend of the site and veritable polymath Akira The Don explains:

"This past Monday [September 14th] I was to head down to King's College to have one of my world famous filmed-sit-downs with Mr Andrew WK. When Chilly Gonzales got wind of this he recorded a masterful video message, challenging Andrew - a fellow solo-piano elpeeist - to a Mighty Duel in New York next week, and sent it to me. That afternoon, I played Andrew the message, and... well, you can see for yourselves."

The Quietus is overjoyed to confirm that Andrew has accepted Gonzales' challenge which will take part in Joe's Pub, NYC, September 25, 2009. Watch this space for more details.'

Check out the video at The Quietus

From the footage at the Kings College show, Andrew is in top form. This piano battle on September 25th is definitely one not to be missed.

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