The Clash 1979 Canadian TV backstage interview - watch video

To say that I'm a bit of a Clash fan is an understatement.

The Clash

I've hobnobbed with Joe and Paul and Topper on a number of occasions throughout the late seventies and early eighties. I will one day write a book entitled "I Lost My Education To The Clash". I have every record that they did, and have seen them all over the country all free because they were all about their fans. Joe or Cosmo or Johnny Green would always find a way of getting the traveling fans into the venue.

I was so blown away by this interview with The Clash in Canada. I had never seen it and it is one of the most random I have seen. I instantly wanted to share it with you. This is sort of what it was like to be at an after show with The Clash.

Watch The Clash 1979 Canadian TV backstage interview - video

YouTube Notes: Complete interview segment of the Clash backstage at the O'Keefe Centre in Toronto, Canada with the Undertones which was originally broadcast on CITY TV's New Music Program in 1979. The New Music was hosted by J.D. Roberts (aka CNN's John Roberts) and Jeanne Bekker (later host of Fashion Television). This clip includes the infamous concert aftermath with Cosmo Vinyl counting the ripped out seats at the venue. This rare interview was shown/re-broadcast during the Joe Strummer death coverage.

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