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Golden Shoulders - FREE "Mountain" MP3 from 'Get Reasonable' album

Download "Mountain" MP3 from 'Get Reasonable'

Golden Shoulders

Golden Shoulders is a collective of talented musicians from Nevada City, California, lead by songwriter Adam Kline.

Formed in 2001, the group operates with a constantly rotating lineup with the contributors varying from performance to performance, song to song.

Golden Shoulders - Get Reasonable

On the band's recent full length called 'Get Reasonable', the music embraces the crescendoing pop opuses of the 70's, toes tapping and heads bobbing by the end of the first track.

FREE Download: "Mountain" MP3

Golden Shoulders has released three full-length albums to date, Let My Burden Be (2002), Friendship is Deep (2004), and this year's Get Reasonable (earning a 4-star review from Mojo), as well as two EPs, Bee 17 (2005) and Kin (2006), with all songs written by Adam Kline and arranged by all musicians on the recordings.

The band has toured across the United States several times, performing completely acoustic versions of their songs, without electricity, microphones or amplifiers used. Live arrangements differ from the recorded versions based on the whims of the performers. A true musical brainchild of Kline and his talented counterparts.


1 Mountain
2 Let My Burden Be
3 Make No Mistake
4 Golden States
5 Little Nixon
6 Unconcerned Is Not Impressive Anymore
7 Know What I Think
8 Explain Yourself
9 I Was Robbed
10 Patience Darling, Patience
11 Settle Down
12 Listen Closely (I Will Fight You Now Liar)

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Golden Shoulders Official Website

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