Editors TV special: Channel 4 360 Sessions + "You Don't Know Love" video


An EDITORS special will air on Channel 4 this Thursday, January 14th @ 1am (Thursday night/Friday morning), as part of their '360 Sessions' series.

The programme is a behind the scenes look at a band's life from their point of view.

Taking the viewer to areas that mean something to Editors, telling the story of the band, their history, how they began, what inspired them and there's the chance to see them perform some great tracks acoustically in a beautiful intimate setting.

So don't forget to tune in!

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Editors assemble cast of internationally renowned film makers to unleash new video on the UK!

Following the Europe wide success of their third album ('In This Light and On This Evening' debuted in the UK album charts at #1 and was a top 10 hit in 5 European countries) Editors have assembled a cast of internationally renowned filmmakers to unleash the video for new single "You Don't Know Love" out 25th January.

"YDKL" was directed by Arni & Kinski - the Icelanders behind Editors "Smokers Outside the Hospital Door" video, who've also worked with Sigor Ros, Iggy Pop, Travis and many more.

Hotshot cinematographer and Jim Jarmusch collaborator Christopher Doyle was at the helm of the shoot. Doyle is a highly acclaimed, AFI Award-winning cinematographer. He has won, amongst other accolades, the Cannes Technical Grand Prize, Golden Osella, the Golden Horse awards (four times), and Hong Kong Film Award (six times).

"You Don't Know Love" will be released on January 25, 2010, described by The Guardian in a four star album review as 'an unsettling ode to decaying affection' and 'bleakly haunting' is a glacial ballad illustrative of the album's innovative reinvention of the band's sound.

Watch "You Don't Know Love" video:

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3 Responses to Editors TV special: Channel 4 360 Sessions + "You Don't Know Love" video

  1. heidi warren says:

    Amazin band....not just the music....the lyrics are AMAZIN!! This is what music needs rite now. Their comments about being heavy?? They have NO need to because their music is individual and really smacks people in the face! Best music, lyrics n band comuno that I have seen in a long time!! N I am a heavy dark music girl as a genre but...... U ROCK!!!!!

  2. heidi warren says:

    U have that same impact on me that REM had! But you're BETTER!! You are not comercialised, industrial in any way but you are amazin in.... not just lyrical....musical.....I dont know what the name is for group bonds...but u top that as well!! Gonna be hard but prove u can do it lads!!!! I think you're worth that n more x

  3. gwawr says:

    i just want too say,,,,,, bloody fantastic, i want to swear, and say how fantastic you are to the high hills and back, lots of love and even more respect, which i want to shout out

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