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A few years ago before the internet was as BIG as it is now, I remember thinking about all the bands that were out there playing music that I had never heard of. Bands that I would never hear. I felt out of control.

Sure, there were bands that I loved listening to on mainstream radio and seeing play live in my area, but I was fully aware of the fact that there was no way that I was even getting a fraction of what was really going on musically around the country - or the world for that matter.

Fast forward to the present, and luckily the internet has been a key to helping solve my quandary. I can now easily access bands' music online, however, the amount of music seems infinite and overwhelming at times, which can also hinder the process of discovering new bands.

I started because I wanted a place online where I could help myself and others discover new music and to spread the GOOD word about bands, musicians and artists - established and new. Signed and unsigned. All genres. Everywhere. I love receiving emails from bands and artists wanting to share their music. I also enjoy publishing their information on

There has been a large volume of news, music and review requests coming into my inbox as of late, and it frustrates me that I can't publish all of it, as there's only one me here, and only so many hours in the day.

At this point, my solution to this problem is to ask bands, musicians and artists to please leave a comment (not too long) with information about your music along with a couple links, so that readers can learn about you, listen to you - and hopefully buy your music.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

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By: Jenny May

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About Jenny May

Jenny May is the founder of Band Weblogs. Based in Oxford, England (originally from New England), Band Weblogs was created in 2005. With a passion for music, Jenny May has performed with bands in the US and the UK, her music has appeared in films, she was a vocal coach for the Yamaha Rock School and has worked on music projects with musicians such as Jon Fishman (Phish), Fyfe Dangerfield (Guillemots) and Cisco Adler (Shwayze). Jenny is currently writing music commentary and reviews for Band Weblogs and writing, recording and performing music with songwriter and musician Dave Tommo.
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205 Responses to Bands, musicians, artists - promote your music - leave a comment

  1. Aretha says:


    I'm an R&B singer/songwriter. I started recording my first album 3 years ago. I am very proud of my work, and I feel that I've come a long way in this short amount of time. Check me out, and keep up with me on twitter. @missarethahenry


  2. SMBB says:

    Starved Man and the Begging Beggar is a two piece ambient rock project created by Matthew Flaherty and David Robinson.

    We started way back in 2006 recording a few very low quality tracks. SMBB was almost forgotten about until early 2011 when we decided to restart the project with better equipment and take it a little more seriously.

    Our 5 track EP, Have You Ever Been So Angry You Kicked A Flower? is due for release on the 5th of December 2011.


    Thank you.

  3. 'Foreign Sketches' is the first draft on the selected sketches. Foreign by nature, as is mine, and presented in their rawest form. Blown wide open, letting the stories, emotions, sensations, live through a voice and a guitar.
    Their blueprints are constantly mutating themselves, choosing new friends, new sounds... But that will be then. This is now.

    Madalena Alberto's Youtube Channel:
    Madalena Alberto on iTunes:

  4. Kiara says:

    Indie pop singer Leshai will be self-releasing her debut album Devil's Kiss on November 29th. The album will include 9 tracks (eight of which were written by the singer). Songs include: "You're Like", "Easy", "Get It On the Floor", "Until I'm Holding You", "Devil's Kiss" and many more! Free album download to all who Like Leshai's Facebook page between now and Nov. 22!

    Link to Facebook:

  5. Atomic Fate says:

    Emerging from the pits of Holy Hell, Atomic Fate climbed to the top of the metal scene in 2008 with their debut album, Welcome To Holy Hell. The band's latest album, This Is Only The Beginning, welds earth-shattering vocals, gnashing guitar, pummeling bass, and maniacal drums to fabricate a record brimming with pulse-pounding scorchers. With standout tracks like "Step Into The Ring," look for Atomic Fate to be a major part in the metal landscape for years to come. Keep it Metal... Very Metal ! ! !
    Follow them on Twitter @AtomicFate

  6. Go To 23 says:

    Started as a project in 2007, a new EP has just been released. Download for free from

  7. Soul of Nirvana says:

    I was with my friends having a Friday night drink at Cargo in Shoreditch, London last Sunday. And I heard a really cool live band called Pharaohs From The Grave. I checked there EP and I really liked it. It was sort of blondie meets no doubt meets Garbage. New good old fashioned rock n roll. I got their EP here:
    And this is their myspace:

  8. Ideal Artist says:

    Check My New Performance - Conscious And Positive HIPHOP - So SUPPORT By Shareing - One Love -

  9. Jakob22Music says:

    Check out Jakob22 who has just released his 2 Part series under the 22 Project Dreamstate & Dreamstate: The REM EFFECT available for free @
    Jakob22 feat J Reno
    Stand A Chance

  10. Freddy Sans says:

    Urban Experimental meets Electronic Soul. Freddy Sans defies definition with sultry vocal lines over heavy bass grooves. Find the music here :-) and download her single ObE from Soundcloud:
    Singer/Songwriter/Superhero (only on weekends), Freddy Sans is here to save the day. Your ears will thank her.

  11. Fronted by award-winning songwriter Hillary Reynolds, this band is a pinnacle of innovation in today's pop music. The powerhouse foursome makes its trademark sound by fusing tight vocal harmonies, the flash & polish of cutting-edge production technique, and authentic instruments for a diversity of sound unachievable in other realms. HRB are 100% Berklee College of Music alum, with diverse talents in songwriting, live performance, orchestration, and production, just to get started.

    The social media strategies are only viable if we all work together, sharing followings and cross-promoting each other. It's great to participate in things like this!

  12. Ja-Tun says:

    Hello there,
    I am a singer-songwriter specializing in R&B, house music, funk and jazz standards. I currently have a single on iTunes, "See You in My Dreams," from my forthcoming album, "Dirty Diamonds." For 2012, I am raising funds for a different charity each month in honor of my grandmother. The project is called, "Nana's Jewels." You can check out my music, performance videos and performance schedule at I'm also on twitter at

  13. Spunky Munkey here, just released a new CD called EL LocaMotron.

    If you have a moment, stop by.


  14. Kiara says:

    Upcoming pop singer Leshai recently released her third single, "Devil's Kiss," the title track from her debut album. This song appeals to pop, indie pop, or R&B music fans.

    Listen to the track (and leave comments) here:
    To watch the video of the single:

  15. Tom says:


    This is a plug for The Reinvention of Mr Babatola a 3 piece Hip-indie-funk-rock-hop band from Cardiff. We're looking for reviews of any sort whatsoever. You can find links to our tracks at or you can visit our bandcamp store which is simply


  16. Wallowe says:

    Hello Band Weblogs! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to post our music, this website is a fantastic medium for bands trying to get exposure.

    We are Wallowe Jones & BEST, we are a Hip-Hop infused with R&B Duo with a spoken word base. Our debut album "Shades of Gray" is currently on iTunes. "Shades of Gray" features the Singles Amazin' Grace, Miracles & To Say That I made it. Please check us out!

    Check us ou on Facebook too! Thanks!

  17. Hello Indie-Music lovers,
    I am working on a huge project this year and could use all the love I could get. Please find my music enjoyable and fell free to post a comment.


    Johnny Walker

  18. J.Juice says:

    Thank you Jenny and Dave for your support. If you want a smile on your face and brighten your day, watch my new world premiere video Bushka Bushka on youtube. Bushka Bushka is a brand new dance for 2012! If you like "Teach me how to dougie" you'll like Bushka Bushka.

  19. Hankijord says:

    I'm Hankijord an electronic producer from Brisbane, Australia. I primarily produce what all the 'kids' listen to these days, which tends to be dubstep/house/dance music.
    I give all my music away for FREE presently, so get in a grab it while you can! :)
    Stream and download tracks here:
    More info here:
    And videos here:

  20. Russell says:

    Hi, first can i say I'm glad i found this site....very handy and musician friendly, thankyou. We are a 3-piece acoustic band from Merseyside called Clever Little Tramps and we would be very grateful if you could give us a listen and if possible a review...our songs can be found at and also
    Thanks for your time and we hope to hear from you in the future, Russell

  21. Leila Capri says:

    Short and simple. Less gimmick, more talent. Meet the modern day renaissance woman. Leila Capri

    Thank you for your time. I promise not to waste it.

  22. SMBz says:

    Hi SMBz here. Get a free download of our song Dubzilla at

  23. The Move-ons says:

    Hello all,

    Check out our soundcloud set and if you like that I've included some videos too. Brighton based rock four-peice The Move-ons... Loads of stuff to see on youtube and new material in the making so keep checking back on our site!


  24. Damon Dwyer says:

    Hello all,

    Why is Cinderella bad at tennis?
    Because she's always running away from the ball.


    Check out

  25. Dillon Hutyra says:

    Sup peoples!

    I'm currently working on a music project called Grey Sky Symphony. My sound can be described as "a colorful mix of fun and emotional indie pop rock, think Owl City meets Death Cab". Anyway, I'm releasing an album soon! You can check my stuff out at these links:

  26. Phil Benton says:


    We are Flight Of Arrows, a four piece alternative rock band based in Preston and Sheffield.

    We have been together since early 2011 but spent the first 6 months writing and rehearsing before recording 5 new songs and playing our first gigs in and around Preston during Summer 2011. We have been well received building a strong local fan base, drawing large crowds to our local venues already having supported James Walsh, All The Young and Paris Riots in the last six months.

    We have generated interest from the London music industry and look forward to 2012 with great anticipation. We have received great support and air play from local radio and we began 2012 with a live session on Radio Lancs BBC Introducing show in January. We also aim to expand our fan base beyond Lancashire into our other base in Sheffield and beyond. We have a couple of festivals lined up for the summer.

    We have just recorded two more songs to add to our existing collection, all of which can be heard here;

    and our official web site here;

    Please have a look and listen. We would appreciate any comments.

    Many thanks

    Phil Benton
    Flight Of Arrows

  27. Hey bandy peeps,

    We're a Folk/indie/dnb band from New Zealand. Playing with guitar, cello, vocals, drum machine and keyboard!

    See Our FIRST video..... !:)

    itunes for our ep....

    for instrumental styles.

    Peace and musical happyness

  28. Hey guys!

    Not From Concentrate is a Rock (kinda ska-ish) band from New York City. We've been together for 4 years now and are going to release our first album next month! We would really love it if you gave us a listen: (click on bandpage)

    We also have some new tracks up here we haven't yet put on Facebook:

    Thanks so much!

    Not From Concentrate

  29. Mella says:

    Hi everyone!!!
    My name is Mella and I'm a singer/songwriter based in Detroit, Michigan. I guess you could call my music "alternative pop" but it's similar to the styles of Colbie Caillat, Feist or Lenka. Feel free to check it out, comments and opinions are greatly appreciated!

  30. Hey Folks, Paul Creane and the Changing Band here. Have a lovely listen to our Americana/alt-country/roots/folk type sounds :)








  31. Lauren says:

    Hey Jenny and all other music lovers,
    I just figured I would come here and try and promote my friend's band (I love music, but am not able to do anything musically, unfortunately).

    Ohio indie band Woodson manages to mix folk, americana, and rock all into breathtakingly beautiful and hauntingly delicious music. With roots in the once great steel town of Youngstown, Ohio, Woodson draws so much inspiration from the environment in the Midwest. Said to sound like Kevin Devine and Brand New, Woodson’s music can make you feel disappointment, heartbreak, anger and a sense of freedom all in one sitting.

    Please feel free to check them out:

    Thanks all, and keep rocking!

  32. Hey!

    Please check out our 1st signing 'Polar Caps' UK electroacoustic pop/rock at its best!
    Debut music video for the single 'Will You...' below, enjoy!

    team Alaskan.

  33. Edge of the Ocean says:

    Hey, thanks for giving me the oportunity to post about my new band project: Edge of the Ocean. We're Brittish. The album Insincerity was recorded with myself and a couple of freinds and is available here:

    Like us on facebook for news, hopefully we will be gigging soon with a new live line up.

  34. Jakob22 is a new breed of MC that bring realism and fiction webbed togetther like no other. He has released 2 albums already and is in the process of working on his 3rd fulll release within a year. Download the albums @

    Jakob22 has also shot 8 videos to promote his releases Please Check videos at

  35. Haze is four individuals ready to take music to the next level. We bring high-energy, talent, and creativity to the table at every occasion. The sounds and styles of the music range in many directions so be prepared to hear something new at all times. So far, Haze writes, records and creates all aspects of the music by themselves so the resulting sound is nothing short of original.

    All our latest music can be heard and downloaded for free at:

    Our latest music video:

    Our goal is create positive connections and spread our sound to as many people as we can. Thank you for listening!

  36. bandweblogs says:

    Lovin' the tunes guys, thanks for continuing to leave your comments and music links!

  37. Hello Luvs,

    Come along on The Marmalade Army’s sophomore effort “All Tomorrow’s Yesterdays” and get “unstuck” in time. Is it 1962 or 1974? You may easily be lost anywhere in between as the lovable lads celebrate long hair, loud guitars and L-O-V-E! Slide over the hood and climb through the window as we take a sonic ride in the backseat of their musical Trans Am. Several years in the works, they have dusted off their wah wahs and proceeded to kick out the jellies and jams with a “brand-old” collection of ditties guaranteed to perm your hair and snap your underpants. Strap in, turn up and hang loose with the music scene’s most confused rock combo this side of the Way Out City Limits!

    Available at CD Baby, itunes, Amazon, etc.


    Lumpy Peppermint

  38. Hows it going!! Just came across this website and saw this opportunity :) Well my name Gnarski. I am an EDM producer that sticks to melodic progressive house and heavy dance tunes! I make music because I love music thats pretty much it! You can check out my tracks at!

    and my fan page here for more releases and updates

    Hope you enjoy what you hear and hope to get some people that aren't so into EDM into it! :) Take care

  39. Kiara says:

    Hi everyone. I recently stumbled upon a dance video by a very talented singer named Leshai. She is 16 and a very good dancer! In the video she dances to Beyonce's Ego Remix. I would encourage everyone who likes pop music to check out Leshai since she is also a singer too.

    Ego Remix dance video:

    Leshai's other music:

  40. Splitting Image Productions says:

    Hi everyone. My name K.( my full stage name is K. Tha Super Producer) and I am an aspiring music producer. I produce hip hop, pop, and r&b instrumentals with my partner and keyboardist Hood Angel.

    We have been producing in seclusion for almost a year, but finally released a beat video on YouTube a few weeks ago. The beat is called "The Beginning" and it is a hip hop beat that is a unique blend of kick drums, synth, bass, and guitars.

    Check our debut video and look for more music from us in the next few weeks.


  41. tdowns says:

    Ronnie’s new CD, titled Brothers Legends & Friends is now available. Check out the info on the

    Featured Vocalists: Charley Pride, Vince Gill, Daryle Singletary, Laney Hicks, Billy Martin

  42. Brian AD says:

    I'm glad I came across this site! It seems like a cool place to get your name out

    I'm Brian AD, a singer-songwriter/producer with inspiration from various pop genres over the past 30 years. I try everything from folk-based acoustic to electronic and everything in between. I layer all of my songs with my own bass, keyboard, percussion, vocals and guitar with the occasional cover & mix.

    I've been producing music for a few years now with my own beat production along with playing guitar and piano since I was a little kid. If you want to check out my stuff you can visit:

    I hope you enjoy what you find! cheers

  43. Dee Jeneral says:

    Whats Up World..Its Dee Jeneral Coming Straight From Detroit, Mi. I'm Trying 2 Get My Music Heard By Some People With An Ear For Real Music. My Website Is Posted, Plus My Myspace Page Is
    That Page Have A Few More Songs 2 Enjoy!! Thanks

  44. Doug says:

    My name is Doug Kelley and I represent Rochester NY band Alberto Alaska.
    Recently the band has released their debut EP for FREE DOWNLOAD, exclusively through bandcamp.
    We would be honored if you all downloaded it and shared with your friends

    Here are some important links:

    Doug Kelley

  45. Timshel says:

    Hi Band Weblogs and everyone reading!

    Timshel is a four-piece indierock band from Finland. Bringing melodic guitars, sweet harmonies, and raw energy back to the scene, Timshel will make sure you have a good time without having to know any fancy dance-moves other than the ones you were born with!

    Please check out our new single here:
    or here
    Our website here:
    And of course, like us on Facebook:

    All good,
    Markus (Timshel)

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