Sean Kingston, Basshunter on Sony Ericsson's Pocket TV

Tune into Sony Ericsson's Pocket TV week eleven, with Sean Kingston, Eliza Doolittle, Basshunter and Katherine Heigl

Sony Ericsson's Pocket TV

This week, presenter Matt Edmondson Face Invades one of the biggest men in pop, Sean Kingston. We talk to Eliza Doolittle who performs new single "Pack Up" and a special cover of Justin Bieber's "Baby", force the Glove of Truth on Basshunter and "talk" to Katherine Heigl about her new film 'Killers'.

Sony Ericsson's Pocket TV is never shy in finding out the best secrets from your favourite celebs: this week Sean Kingston reveals an awkward situation he shared with Justin Bieber and Eliza Doolittle addresses the rumours from her schooldays.

Swedish DJ / Big Brother contestant and occasional pornstar Basshunter talks through waxing, women and his nether regions, and Katherine Heigl and director Robert Luketic discuss co-star Ashton Kutcher's semi-naked body in the new film 'Killers'.

Each week, Sony Ericsson's Pocket TV fans can stream four 4-5min videos on their mobile through YouTube. The show is also available online via a branded YouTube channel (, a dedicated MSN video hub and on PlayStation 3 via Vidzone. You can also follow all the behind the scenes gossip via Twitter @PocketTVshow

This week's line up (June 22-25, 2010):

Tuesday 22nd: Sean Kington gets his face invaded.

Watch video - Sean Kingston does Face Invaders:

Wednesday 23rd: Eliza Doolittle performs her brilliant new single "Pack Up" and a cover of Justin Bieber's "Baby".

Thursday 24th: Basshunter dons the Glove of Truth to talk women and waxing his bits.

Friday 25th: Katherine Heigl and a very different looking Ashton Kutcher (or is that Robert Luketic?) talk about new film 'Killers'.

Host of the show Matt Edmondson said, "This week I witnessed the awesome method acting power of Ashton Kutcher - sat next to Katherine Heigl, he looked completely different, almost like another less famous, less interesting person. I also invaded the face of Sean Kingston (and there was a lot of face to invade), rigged Basshunter up to a lie detector and listen to Eliza Doolittle perform her cracking new tune."

Sony Ericsson's Pocket TV is produced by JA Digital for iris Studios.

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