Static Age Records partners with Bullet Tooth

Static Age Records announces distribution partnership with Bullet Tooth

Static Age Records

Furthering its mandate to develop and nurture up and coming artists, Bullet Tooth has entered into an agreement with Static Age Records to distribute the label's releases.

The announcement was made by Josh Grabelle, President of Bullet Tooth, and Jonathan King / Shane Matthew Stiles, owners of Static Age Records.

The labels' bands and releases will be marketed and distributed by Bullet Tooth's global network of executive and marketing/distribution partners in the physical, digital and mobile landscape.

"We are very excited to be working with Josh and Bullet Tooth to get Static Age's releases to a wider range of outlets." Jonathan King commented. "Having known Josh for over eight years now, I know that his passion for music and great business sense was the perfect match for us at Static Age to bring us to the next level of being a label that will be around for years to come. With Bullet Tooth on our side now, 2011 is going to be the year Static Age makes it's presence felt."

"Every person of our age group grew up listening to Trustkill (now Bullet Tooth) albums if you were in the hardcore scene." Shane Stiles added. "Partnering with Josh Grabelle and Bullet Tooth just seemed like a logical fit for Static Age Records. Dealing with Josh on a multitude of levels from working with him on projects to working for him as a publicist, I've seen his dedication to his label and his unwillingness to accept anything less than 100%. This is the necessary push to propel our artists towards further success."

Commenting further on the distribution partnership, Josh Grabelle added, "A misconception within the independent music community is that any person with a Blackberry or Facebook page can be a manager, an agent, or run a record label. It's simply not true and the people in this scene who succeed do far more for the music they love than most music fans can appreciate. It is a tough business and I choose to only align my company with people who know what they want and how to get it. What I love about Static Age is that Jonathan and Shane have a vast knowledge of all the elements of what it takes to operate in the music business. They are here to stay."

Upcoming releases from Static Age Records will include:

Artifex Pereo - Ailments and Antidotes (early 2011)
Sleep Serapis Sleep - Pariah's Vow (early 2011)
The Gun Show - Discontentment (early 2011)
Up in Arms - Reflections (early 2011)


Started as what seemed to be a pipe dream, Static Age Records was a concept in mid 2009. Conversations filled with "we should's" and "if we had control, we'd do's" were frequent. But it wasn't until the start of the year that Jonathan King and Shane Matthew Stiles teamed up to start the label.

"Starting my own label has always been something I've wanted to do since I started working on the business side of music almost 10 years ago." King explained. "Having worked with both major and indie labels over the years I felt I had learned as much as I possibly could to finally start something of my own and really run with it." Stiles added, "I'd put in six years as a publicist, two as a concert promoter, and eight as a journalist, the only thing I hadn't done was run a label. To borrow from the baseball world, it was about time that I hit for the cycle."

"We both came from situations where we didn't have 100% control of the rosters we worked with and wanted to make sure that for this label, we didn't just take bands that we knew would move units. There's no heart in that." Stiles explained. "I just want to have a label where music fans know we truly believe in every release we put out. We are all about the music first." King joined in.

For further information, go to:

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