The Chemistry Set to release new album 'This Day Will Never Happen Again'

The Chemistry Set to release new album 'This Day Will Never Happen Again' - out on digital December 6th and on CD January 2011 through Hypnote

The Chemistry Set

Psychedelic-Pop band The Chemistry Set have quite a history. Flexidisc kings and veterans of the Imaginary label (Chameleons, Cud, plus countless sixties tribute albums), they helped pioneer the late 80's neo-psychedelic boom that was a pivotal phase in pop music history leading to the Madchester craze unfolding locally around them, and its quick absorption of electronic music.

Indeed, counting Factory Records and Hacienda boss Tony Wilson amongst their fans, The Chemistry Set reached the coveted Indie Top 20 as they were featured in both UK mainstream and underground music press.

Receiving regular airplay on the legendary John Peel's show (Peel even went so far as to sending the band a hand-written fan letter!), they also toured globally and held a deep fondness for Spain, making lifelong friends there. The band split in 1991, took a bit of a hiatus, remaining silent… until The Chemistry Set "MACH II" remarkably reappeared in 2008. Their return came about when their unreleased LP from 1989 'Sounds Like Painting' somehow was uploaded onto numerous blogs and was downloaded over 10,000 times.

The Chemistry Set - This Day Will Never Happen Again

Arranger/songwriter (and former Electric Prunes member) David Axelrod loved how The Chemistry Set added a symphonic section of his song "Sanctus" from The Electric Prunes' masterwork "Mass in F Minor" into their new reworking of Del Shannon's "Silver Birch" on the new album 'This Day Will Never Happen Again'. Originally found on Shannon's 'The Further Adventures Of Charles Westover', his cult 1968 LP widely acknowledged by rock aficionados to be the pop milestone of his post-"Runaway"/pre-suicide era.

The Chemistry Set is also fondly remembered for also inserting a cover version inside another cover of Pink Floyd's "See Emily Play" (for the Syd Barrett tribute "Beyond the Wildwood" (Imaginary]) has the "Bicycle Rider" section of The Beach Boys then still unfinished "Smile" album inserted within the song. Their cover was singled out in glowing reviews of the tribute and was highly noted among all Floyd fans and critics everywhere.

The Chemistry Set's new line-up brings a whole new dimension both live and 'on record' which now includes their longtime friends from Spain, like DJ Gato, who, besides turntables, adds even more electronics than the Mellotrons and Farfisas that TCS fans are accustomed to. Using instruments and methods old and new, acoustic, electric and electronic together they were a huge surprise for many at several European festivals this year. This exquisite new album of songs flows together like a healing psychedelic journey of time and place ought to!

"The Chemistry Set are a f***in great band" - Clint Boon (Inspiral Carpets & XFM DJ)

"Real music! music that makes you think and really listen to" - David Axelrod (Composer/Arranger/Songwriter/Electric Prunes/Genius!)

"They are even better the second time round" - Peter Hook (Joy Division & New Order)

"These are no mere 60s retreads but excellent songs in their own right that betray Lake and Mclean's unerring sensibility for thoroughly cracking tunes. "She's Taking Me Down" is the pinnacle of this astonishingly good collection, but "Seeing Upside Down", "Look Into The Sky" and "If Rome Was Meant To Fall" all give it a damn good run for the gold medal. And there's any number of others that could lay claim to the title of best in class if I'm honest. It is absolutely criminal that two men this talented aren't household names and living in the lap of luxury" - Ian Fraser (Terrascope)

Album release set for December 6th 2010 through Hypnote.

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