Rocketclover covers "Anarchy In The UK" for indie Christmas No. 1 - watch video

Rocketclover covers "Anarchy In The UK" - out 13th December 2010

Rocketclover - Anarchy In The UK

Rocketclover were born out of a love of the classic rock hits! "Bidi Clover" plays acoustic-guitar and sings, "Ray Clover" plays Bass and sings backing vocals. "Marc C Lover" plays cajon and percussion and sings backing vocals too.

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Rocketclover captivate audiences in a Weird Al kind of way, performing their own folk rock takes on songs like Anarchy In The UK by The Sex Pistols, and a host of Metallica songs. However, as big rock fans, what can be perceived by some as a parody, presents some interesting listening for fans of the originals.

The band first covered two Metallica songs in an acoustic-line-up and won Universal's "Your-Tribute-To-Metallica-Contest" on YouTube. Since then, many people asked them to do a complete album with Metallica-tributes in their special acoustic-style. Interest continued to grow and so Rocketclover were fully formed.

The band's debut-album 'Some Kind Of Clover' is being release on Criminal Records in the Christmas buzz. First signing to a California independent-label Progrock-Records, Rocketclover were snapped up by Criminal Records after a performance at the notorious Club Criminal as part of the band's first UK Tour.

Produced by Henning Pauly (Sebastian Bach from Skid Row, James La Brie from Dream-Theater, Michael Sadler from Saga and many more) the album sounds a lot bigger and fatter, than you would expect from an acoustic-band. A few guest-musicians and the overdubbed guitars, mandolins, ukuleles, banjos and so on make it sound more like a good produced folk pop-album, but still with the acoustic organic feel.

However, Anarchy In The UK as performed by Rocketclover presents a tongue-in-cheek quirky take on the punk classic.

The video to the song sees Rocketclover members skipping hand in hand down Camden High Street in green dungarees, being chased by punks, cleaning up the streets and demonstrates all the things that Anarchy is not.

Watch "Anarchy In The UK" video:

According to Criminal Records MD, "Indie labels generally know that a Xmas release is a big no no, mostly because of the major label hold over radio". However, this hasn't deterred them. "Christmas should be about having fun, so although we are not expecting a mainstream No. 1, we are definitely aiming for an indie top spot for Anarchy in the UK. It's been years since we have had a good laugh at the No. 1. We were thinking of a funny Xmas video card to send out to our network when we decided to release the single early."

Sex Pistols Anthem "Anarchy in the UK" and Misfits Classic "Last Caress" will be released on Monday 13th December, 2010 in a bid to get the band in the Indie Charts and earn them the recognition they deserve.

The album contains twelve songs, two from each Metallica album from, Kill 'em All through Load. They did not necessarily pick the most famous songs from each album, but those that make sense with the band's acoustic and diverse style. And diversity rules: you will get a reggae styled version of Blackened, a Latin dance mix of The Unforgiven with brass and stuff, a piano swing tune of King Nothing, as well as more beautiful acoustic versions like the contest winner track. Besides, the singer is excellent.

Kill 'em All:
1. Motorbreath
2. Seek and Destroy
Ride The Lightning:
3. Trapped Under Ice
4. Escape
Master of Puppets:
5. Battery
6. Master of Puppets
…And Justice for All:
7. Blackened
8. Dyer's Eve
Metallica (aka. The Black Album):
9. The Unforgiven
10. Nothing Else Matters
11. Ain't My Bitch
12. King Nothing

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