Emily Kinney reprises role on CW’s Arrow

ArrowWhen you think maniacal super villain, Emily Kinney is probably the last person that comes to mind. If you’re a fan of the DC television universe though, you may be familiar with her role on the The Flash as Brie Larvan, AKA The Bug Eyed Bandit.

Emily will reprise her role as a mad scientist armed with robotic bees (hey, at least someone’s trying to save them) on Wednesday, March 30, 2016 at 8:00pm on CW’s Arrow!

Squeeze Announce First Album Of New Songs Since 1998 [Watch Video]

Squeeze, South London’s enduring purveyors of pure pop magic, will release a new album entitled ‘Cradle To The Grave’, on Friday 2nd October 2015 on the Virgin EMI label.‘Cradle To The Grave’ is the band’s 14th studio album and features the first collection of new songs from Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook since 1998.

Songs from the album will feature in Danny Baker’s forthcoming sitcom ‘Cradle To Grave’ starring Peter Kay to be shown on national TV this Autumn.

A single, ‘Happy Days’, is available now when you preorder the album. ‘Cradle To The Grave’ can be preordered from: http://po.st/CTTGstd (standard) & http://po.st/CTTGdlx (deluxe).

Squeeze – Happy Days video:

Produced by Glenn Tilbrook and Laurie Latham, ‘Cradle To The Grave’ was recorded at 45 RPM Studios in Charlton. The band features Glenn Tilbrook on vocals and lead guitars, Chris Difford on vocals and acoustic guitar, Simon Hanson on drums, Stephen Large on keyboards and Lucy Shaw and John Bentley share bass duties. Guest musicians include Melvin Duffy on pedal steel, Dennis Greaves on guitar and Mark Feltham on harmonica. The album will be available as a twelve song CD, digital download and on 12” double vinyl, including four exclusive cover versions of songs by Lou Reed, Tom Waits, Tom T. Hall and Ray Davies. A special ‘Collector’s Edition’ CD (including a numbered insert) will be released five weeks earlier on August 28th, 2015 and is available from: www.squeezeofficial.com

The track listing for ‘Cradle To The Grave’ is:

1. Cradle To The Grave
2. Nirvana
3. Beautiful Game
4. Happy Days
5. Open
6. Only 15
7. Top Of The Form
8. Sunny
9. Haywire
10. Honeytrap
11. Everything
12. Snap, Crackle And Pop

Vinyl 2 x LP
1. Cradle To The Grave
2. Nirvana
3. Beautiful Game
4. Happy Days
1. Open
2. Only 15
3. Top Of The Form
4. Sunny
1. Haywire
2. Honeytrap
3. Everything
4. Snap, Crackle and Pop
1. Hanging Around
2. Harper Valley PTA
3. Strange Effect
4. I Don’t Wanna Grow Up

Songs from ‘Cradle To The Grave’ will feature in the forthcoming TV comedy ‘Cradle To Grave’, based on the life of writer and broadcaster Danny Baker. The series, set on a council estate in the 70s, stars comedian Peter Kay as Danny’s father. NME writer turned TV presenter and DJ, Danny was brought up in Deptford, the old stomping ground of the band, and Squeeze were asked to become involved at an early stage.

Glenn recalls: “When I read the book, I got in contact with Danny and said that I thought we could do something together with his book. Danny was already talking with (co-writer) Jeff Pope about a TV series and the mood and sentiment of Cradle were completely in sync. Danny and Jeff both loved it and everything else followed on from there.”

When the team behind the show heard the song ‘Cradle To The Grave’, they were so impressed that it was used as the inspiration for the name of the show.

“The scripts were inspiring; hugely funny. It tapped into a period that lyrically I was very familiar with, as I grew up in the same neighbourhood as Danny,” says Chris. “We have been on location to see how it is going. It gave us a spring in our step to see the quality of filming and the direction and the attention to detail. It was very heartening and we are grateful to be involved in something that is so refreshing and also represents our past – we went to the same school, wore the same uniform, fell in love with same art teacher!”

Squeeze formed in 1973 after Glenn responded to an ad Chris had placed in a newsagent’s window. Their first EP ‘Packet Of Three’ came out in the summer of ‘77 on Deptford Fun City, a label housed in the same offices as the punk fanzine Sniffin’ Glue where Danny Baker was making his first steps as a music writer. Squeeze went on to write a dazzling collection of hook-filled hits including ‘Cool For Cats’, ‘Take Me I’m Yours’, ‘Another Nail In My Heart,’ ‘Pulling Mussels (From the Shell),’ ‘Tempted,’ ‘Black Coffee In Bed’, ‘Labelled With Love’ and many more, a roll call of pop standards that saw them awarded the Ivor Novello for Outstanding Contribution To British Music in 2008.

Over the years there have been solo careers and occasional separations, but the songwriting duo Chris and Glenn are stronger now than they’ve ever been. “We reformed Squeeze in 2007,” says Glenn. “Things went so well, here we are eight years later. Four years ago we agreed that if we were to carry on, we really needed to work on new material.”

Chris says of their fresh songs: “We’ve grown up a lot in the last few years, musically. We still love and own our past, but as musicians we needed to grow.”

Squeeze have released 13 studio albums – ‘Squeeze’ (’78), ‘Cool For Cats’ (’79), ‘Argybargy’ (’80), ‘East Side Story’ (’81), ‘Sweets From A Stranger’ (’82), ‘Cosi Fan Tutti Frutti’ (’85), ‘Babylon And On’ (’87), ‘Frank’ (’89), ‘Play’ (’91), ‘Some Fantastic Place’ (’93), ‘Ridiculous’ (’95), ‘Domino’ (’98) and the re-recording of their classic hits ‘Spot The Difference’ (‘10).

For the latest tour dates, music and more please go to:

Squeeze Official Website