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  • Osso Quartet DEBUT Run Rabbit Run reimagines Sufjan Stevens’ Enjoy Your Rabbit »

    Osso Quartet

    In 2001 composer and multi-instrumentalist Sufjan Stevens released his sophomore album ‘Enjoy Your Rabbit’ – a collection of 14 electronic instrumental pieces, each inspired by a different animal of the Chinese Zodiac …


    CABIN “I Was Here” EP In-Stores May 29th, Rocking College Radio! »

    CABIN is a melodic rock band from Louisville, KY led by founding member Noah Hewett-Ball. As the group’s creative fountainhead, Hewett-Ball not only exhibits a masterful writing skill, but a voice that soars with commanding emotion, yet at other times quivers with endearing sincerity. The strength of lyrics and melody are re-enforced by the recently [...]


    Sufjan Stevens Put The Lights On The Tree video »

    Sufjan Stevens is one of those singer/songwriters that for some reason I’ve been taking my time in getting to know. His name is everywhere, everybody’s talking about him, but I didn’t know too much about him or his music until now.
    Maybe because somewhere in the back of my mind I knew his music is something [...]

    More music: Jenny May on MySpace

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