They were so good we gave them a record deal

Soul Path
Soul Path - soon to be distributed through Reality Entertainment and itunes.

The Story - Steve Mitchell and Mike Stone have been composing and arranging music for TV, Film, Theatre and bands for nearly twenty years. They have had one or two small successes in their life and many more near misses until they met the vocal talents of Julie Roberts. Whilst working on underscoring music for Granada TV they asked Julie to sing two songs written in elvish. Through promotion on the internet these got heard by the world renowned author Philip Gardiner who asked them to write the underscoring music for his forthcoming DVD. Philip and his distributors, Reality Entertainment/Sony/Warners like it so much, that not only have they been commissioned to write for Philips subsequent DVD's, planned so far into 2009, Reality Entertainment have also agreed to distribute CD's of the music for the DVDs as well as Soul Path's own albums.

Here's what Philip has to say about Soul Path:
"I was introduced to Soul Path as a band that would fit well with the Forbidden Knowledge Conference. Within minutes of listening to their music I had come up with the term "voice of the universe" and ever since then I have been constantly in awe of the beautiful, sensual, provocative and diverse music that these three people draw from the depths of the soul. Steve feels the music in a way I can only say classical composers have. Julie sings with an angelic and adaptable voice that puts all others to shame and Mike Stone writes lyrics that Sassoon himself would cry over. Together they are a unique band that far surpasses the majority of the mindless popularised rubbish that we are constantly bombarded with. In short, all too often this band is too good for a world divided. I wholeheartedly back these guys and in fact one of the largest record labels on the planet were themselves so impressed that they have been signed for not only several album deals, but to also write and perform the music for my own DVD's.

If you ever wondered just what the voice of the universe sounded like, then listen to Soul Path."
Philip Gardiner, 2006.

Both Philip and members of Soul Path are available for comments and interviews.

In the meantime, to hear their unique sound and for more information on Soul Path, please visit

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RE PR Dept, USA in association with GPR, UK.
For further information or to contact the band email [email protected]

Listen to 'Oma Tel'corm' sample mp3!

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