Louise Setara-Still Waters

Louise SetaraLouise Setara is a very mature looking 18-year-old female. When I discovered this after reading about it on her website, I was stunned. The first picture I saw of her was very different, her hair was down, and actually, she looks like a different person. This picture was on a special three-song sampler I received prior to this full-length release. It is amazing how much different a woman looks when they put their hair up and pull it back tight. Those were my initial observations. So what does this have to do with the music? There are some parallels here.

Now on to the music…Her vocals are incredibly good, once again, far beyond her years and experience. She sounds like a polished veteran not a young lady recently out of high school. Louise definitely has a head start on her contemporaries and the future looks bright.

Still Waters do indeed run deep and this maiden voyage into the world of music is quite impressive. When she sings Dylan’s “Make You Feel My Love,” you can really ‘feel’ it deep down. This lady can get across a message in an authoritative and moving way. In fact, this is a commonality throughout the run of this CD, which in my estimation puts her in a special group of entertainers. Although I classify this as pop, I feel guilty doing so, there is so much more to this music and voice than one word could possibly describe. When it all boils down and you get to the core of the mix this is very adult oriented contemporary pop-the kind that has some substance and meaning behind it. You will hear elements of soul, gospel, R & B, and blues, everything under the sun wrapped into one tune. What a novelty that is these days! And I must say it was a welcome addition to my ears and senses every step of the way.

Other tracks that got my attention because of their depth and emotive essence were “I Can Hurt” and the striking opener “Love Me Still.” Louise sounds like she has been training and preparing for this album for years. What a way to kick off a career. For a debut album, this has to be beyond expectations anyone could have, and that puts her in a very good position to deliver the next effort.

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Artist: Louise Setara
Title: Still Waters
Genre: Pop
Label: Coast Records
Louise Setara's Website
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01. Love Me Still (3:19)
02. By The Time (3:58)
03. Make You Feel My Love (3:31)
04. Homeless (4:22)
05. Wrong Again (4:27)
06. Too Soon (4:19)
07. Circle (3:49)
08. Can't Stop The Rain (3:53)
09. Sylvie (2:12)
10. Let It Be Me (3:44)
11. I Can Hurt (3:58)
12. If I Should Fall (4:40)
13. Ain't Gonna Let You Break My Heart Again (2:44)

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