Jimi Hendrix and the Welsh national anthem mystery

An old eight track tape was found at a studio in London and it sounds like it could be Jimi Hendrix playing the Welsh national anthem, “Hen Wlyd Fy Nhadau, The Land of My Fathers.” At this point what everyone wants to know is if it is indeed Jimi Hendrix who is on the recording and apparently the only person who might have this information is bass player Viv Williams.

According to The Red Dragonhood Website, producer Dave Chapman is the one who discovered the recording as he was going through tapes at his Crouch Hill Studios in London. When he was finally able to play the old tapes to hear what was on them, he stumbled upon what could be Jimi Hendrix sitting in with a band called the New Flames playing the Welsh national anthem. Viv Williams was in the band and it’s thought that he and Hendrix were friends.

If this is Jimi Hendrix on the recording then it would be one of his last recordings before his death on September 18, 1970.

The current owner of the recording is Martin Davies and he could have a possible battle on his hands if it does turn out to be Jimi Hendrix. I’ve written before about the court proceedings that have been happening regarding Hendrix and his music and how strict the Hendrix Estate can be, so I’m sure Janie Hendrix and her Experience Hendrix will be watching very closely to see how this all unfolds. Most likely they’ll want to hear from Viv Williams as well as Martin Davies. If this does turn out to be Jimi Hendrix, then rights over the recording could get nasty. Of course, this all depends on whether or not it’s even proven to be Hendrix.

I’ve listened to the recording that’s on The Red Dragonhood website. If that is the possible Hendrix track, then I’m not sure if it’s him or not…it doesn’t really sound like the recordings by Jimi that I’m familiar with.  The guitar vibrato is almost too wavy – the sound is cleaner and more shrill than what I would have expected. I would be interested to hear what other people think.

To listen to the recording and to read more about the story of “The Lost Hendrix National Anthem”, go to The Red Dragonhood website. The recording begins as you log on to the web page, so make sure your speakers are turned up!

By: Jenny May

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