Leon Jackson - The X Factor winner releases "When You Believe" for Christmas + videos

Leon Jackson - When You Believe

Leon Jackson, the 2007 winner of The X Factor, appeared on GMTV's LK Today this morning. Lorraine Kelly talked to Leon about his win last Saturday night December 15th, his nerves throughout the show and the fact that he had just started singing publicly in January of this year. Karaoke was his schtick before his appearance on the show, and after being crowned the winner, Leon is now a part of X Factor history.

Leon's new single, a cover of the Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey hit song "When You Believe", is now available for download and will be in stores December 19th, 2007 on Sony BMG. We'll have to wait and see if it will make UK Christmas #1.

He sang "When You Believe" on LK Today along with a choir, and after performing on The X Factor Saturday night and probably getting little sleep, he sounded pretty good for a Monday morning. I like the tone of his voice, and at times it reminds me a bit of Jamie Cullum. Even though Leon, who hails from Whitburn, West Lothian, Scotland, is only 18 years old and hasn't had much experience performing in public, he seems a natural on stage.

With Dannii Minogue as his mentor during The X Factor (UK series 4), it seemed apropos that he would sing a duet with her sister Kylie on the night of his win. They sang her hit, "Better The Devil You Know". I wonder if that will ever be released as a single?

Last year the winner was Leona - this year, Leon!

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2 Responses to Leon Jackson - The X Factor winner releases "When You Believe" for Christmas + videos

  1. gordon mcintosh snr says:

    hi leon, as a fellow bluenose and a old seventies musician, i would love to hear you doing the old jerry vale song "love me with all of your heart" also done quite a few years back by engelbert hump. good luck on the rest of your long and winding road. gordon mcintosh

  2. Sarah says:

    OMG! my fav song of all times he is so amazing i went and seen him at x factor tour he was the best of the rest he is so amazing which makes him perfect i will love leon forever! he is so hot and fit!

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