Assemblage Point - Australian duo set to tour in 2009

Assemblage Point

Guest Blogger entry by C.P.:

Basically our story is this... We (Benn and C.P.) began working together as Assemblage Point in early 2006.

We used to spend Sunday arvos in the studio making the most whacked-out music you can imagine. Then we went and played it on the street, performing as buskers.

Many were perplexed. Some were inspired. The police were really, surprisingly annoyed and kept telling us to stop. Apparently, to the police, an Akai MPC and a tenor sax looked like lethal weapons when brandished on the streets of Sydney!

So we went back to the studio and, suddenly, songs started coming to us that would form our debut album.

Somewhere along the way, one of our early recordings called Cent'nal Dub won the 2007 Global Marijuana Music Award for 'Best Experimental Song'. And we weren't even stoned when we wrote that one! Being awarded this high accolade (hehe) only intensified our recording fever and by June 2008, the debut self-titled album from Assemblage Point was ready for release.

The album (which was a labour of love for us for about a year) has gotten us quite a few compliments and this pleases us. It was released through Um Records.

In 2009 we're taking the Assemblage Point live show around the world and we're very excited!

We are also organisers and hosts of an "omni-artistic" party called A.P.H.I.D and plan to do more of these in other cities... possibly even yours, so look out!

Press info.:

Assemblage Point are a Sydney duo who enjoy being creative with sound and music. For the sake of categorisation, their self-titled debut studio album is a unique brand of experimental pop with more obvious musical influences coming from hiphop, dub, jazz, industrial, rock and electronic dance music. However, as much as Assemblage Point respect and enjoy the work of some artists in all of those genres and more, they do not enjoy the limitations of genre.

The album is a journey through colourful and expansive aural terrain - from the exploding drums and battlecry of Fire!, to the sweet and deadly funk beat and melody of Cent'nal in Babylon, to the otherworldly info-mercial rapping of PVG (led by guest vocalist Catriona), to the industrial poundings and floating ambient vocal of Go Right Down - Assemblage Point explore their musical dreams in series of original recordings that were collected over a year or so in 2007/2008 at Sydney's Studio Soundsbent.

"Assemblage Point certainly manage to hit more than a few interesting buttons" - Chris Downton, Cyclic Defrost Magazine review of Fire! single

"It will be truly interesting to watch these Sydney-siders develop their sound from here" - Time Off Magazine review of the first Assemblage Point single Cent'nal Dub

The Assemblage Point album is available now through UM Records.

UM Records Official Website

Assemblage Point MySpace

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