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A few years ago before the internet was as BIG as it is now, I remember thinking about all the bands that were out there playing music that I had never heard of. Bands that I would never hear. I felt out of control.

Sure, there were bands that I loved listening to on mainstream radio and seeing play live in my area, but I was fully aware of the fact that there was no way that I was even getting a fraction of what was really going on musically around the country - or the world for that matter.

Fast forward to the present, and luckily the internet has been a key to helping solve my quandary. I can now easily access bands' music online, however, the amount of music seems infinite and overwhelming at times, which can also hinder the process of discovering new bands.

I started because I wanted a place online where I could help myself and others discover new music and to spread the GOOD word about bands, musicians and artists - established and new. Signed and unsigned. All genres. Everywhere. I love receiving emails from bands and artists wanting to share their music. I also enjoy publishing their information on

There has been a large volume of news, music and review requests coming into my inbox as of late, and it frustrates me that I can't publish all of it, as there's only one me here, and only so many hours in the day.

At this point, my solution to this problem is to ask bands, musicians and artists to please leave a comment (not too long) with information about your music along with a couple links, so that readers can learn about you, listen to you - and hopefully buy your music.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

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By: Jenny May

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About Jenny May

Jenny May is the founder of Band Weblogs. Based in Oxford, England (originally from New England), Band Weblogs was created in 2005. With a passion for music, Jenny May has performed with bands in the US and the UK, her music has appeared in films, she was a vocal coach for the Yamaha Rock School and has worked on music projects with musicians such as Jon Fishman (Phish), Fyfe Dangerfield (Guillemots) and Cisco Adler (Shwayze). Jenny is currently writing music commentary and reviews for Band Weblogs and writing, recording and performing music with songwriter and musician Dave Tommo.
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135 Responses to Bands, musicians, artists - promote your music - leave a comment

  1. keep it up jenny, Nubian Conqueror. below is my bio.
    About Nubian Conqueror

    From the rhythms of Africa comes Nubian Conqueror with roots rock reggae. His passion, powerful melodious voice and conscious lyrics uplift and inspire you to live in the higher heights. And his music lingers in your mind all day long.

    Nubian Conqueror resides in Ghana, a country in the western part of Africa. He has a very deep love for music. He jammed with some members of the All Stars Band and Orthodox Band of Ghana in the early 2000s. He then went on and released his ten-track debut album “Africa Go” in 2004.

    Currently, Nubian Conqueror is working on his next album, music videos, interviews, live shows and more for all reggae lovers. Besides his very deep love for music, Nubian Conqueror enjoys conversing, sight-seeing, sports and more. As a global conscious person, one conviction he holds is, humanity is blessed and all what need to be done is to manifest this blessing.

    About his conviction that humanity is blessed, he reminds you with “Blessed” a track on the “Africa Go” album. In “Go Yonder” another track on the same album, he encourages you to “be courageous and confident, meditate on Jah word day and night for your success and prosperity”.

    It is irie (feelgood) time with Nubian Conqueror. Enjoy Nubian Conqueror music “Africa Go” and get iriefied (feel good) all day long. He is inviting all reggae lovers to keep in touch because he intends to make them have a memorable experience with roots rock reggae music, surprises, gifts, merchandise and more. Blessed.

  2. Mik says:

    Expecting excitedly the double live on March 6th and 7th at The Place (Rome)
    The second concert will be shown in streaming on the portal completely for free

    Fever is rising for the double event starred by Gino Vannelli in Rome: the popular Canadian artist, true icon of the international pop rock of the 80's, will be in concert in March at one of the most popular clubs of the Italian capital city “The Place”, Saturday 6 and Sunday 7.
    Tickets are almost sold out, but on the other hand there are some fantastic news for all Vannelli fans spread out in the world: the concert of Sunday March 7 is going to be broadcast in real time streaming through the web portal This project has been launched by the music label Azzurra Music featuring One Italia a leading company within the digital music industry.
    To watch the concert directly from home, you just have to register to the relevant website ( and be online March 7 at 11 pm (local time) and all this is going to be completely for free! The concert program has for the most part lined up Vannelli’s successes, recently composed in a best-of album attached to his first book of autobiographic stories titled “Stardust In The Sand”.
    A concert you can not miss…..wherever you are!

  3. Kaya says:

    Kaya - we're a live 5 piece urban band fusing HipHop, Jazz, Dubstep, Soul and Reggae to name a few.. We have a new single out in June called Rat Race, and heres the music video!

    Thanks for listening, hope you like it!

    Peace and Bless


  4. bandweblogs says:

    Cool video, Kaya!

  5. Zach says:

    I too have been in the same place thinking there are so many bands I will never get to see or hear, and I like what you are doing with this!

    I manage a band from Texas, Young American, and we are very proud of our debut release Late Nights/Early Flights! If you have any interest in Third Eye Blind, Brand New, or Recover.. we are for you!

    Catchy guitars with driving leads, passionate vocals, bass lines that keep your heart beating, and drums that remind you you are still alive!

    If this sparks your interest, you can check out the website or the myspace, whichever is your vice!

  6. Undergound66 is a four-piece rock band born out of the industrial sludge of their small Ontario town. Their sound has been called “factory rock with a poet’s soul”, and count bands such as Queens of the Stone Age, Tool, and the Tragically Hip as influences for their work.

    Underground66 band members are: Christopher McGruer - lead vocalist / Shay Morris – guitar / Brodie McGruer – bass / Ed Morrow – drums

    For more than two years Underground66 have been tearing it up in bars and clubs all over southern Ontario, including: The Harb, Owen Sound; Legendary Red Rooster, Burlington; The Juliana Bar & Grill, London; Gables in the Bend, Grand Bend; and both the Kathedral and The Opera House, Toronto.

    The song, You’re a Lush (but we love you) from their newly released self titled CD has received steady airplay on the radio station 94.5 The Bull. Underground66 and The Bull also teamed up to produce the benefit concert, Rock the Sanctuary, for Owen Sounds Homeless shelter in August 2009 at the historic Roxy Theatre in Owen Sound.

    Underground66’s self titled CD will be available for download through Itunes and other online stores. Hardcopy CDs will be available online through Bandcamp.

    CD recorded by Paul Farrow at ‘Avenue A Recording’ in Owen Sound.
    All ten tracks produced by Paul Farrow and Underground66.

  7. Hello! This is a new release, currently on preorder on iTunes. It's called Running and it's a charity pop tune, that comes in a four track EP. It's racing for the charts and a review from you guys would be fantastic, please let me know if you'd like artwork or an mp3. Below is the story, followed by links to preorder, watch the video, and join the campaign.
    Thanks, Silvia

    Running - the single racing for the charts

    Musician and first time marathon runner Silvia Costeloe is launching a single to fundraise for Leukaemia Care, in memory of her father.

    Running is song that will leave you feeling breathless, as though you've just been for a run – even if you're just listening from your sofa.

    As well as running a gruelling 26 miles (42 kilometers) at the London marathon, Silvia Costeloe is racing for the UK Top 40. With approximately 8,000 sales needed to secure a place in the charts, this race is equally tough. But Silvia Costeloe is feeling positive:

    "I’m calling people, getting them to listen to the song, watch the video, join the facebook group and preorder Running on iTunes. If it makes it into the charts, there will be a lot of money for Leukaemia Care, which would be amazing."

    The official release date for Running is the 19 April but it can already be preordered on iTunes, to help maximise the number of sales in the first week.

    Sunday 25 April is not just the London marathon, but the closing day of the first week of sales, crucial for the charts. It will be a challenging day for Silvia Costeloe, but also for Leukaemia Care who would greatly benefit if the song got into the mainstream.

    "I’m hoping people will buy it, enjoy it, and feel like they’ve been for a short run, even if they’re just commuting on the tube. On marathon day, I will use any energy I have left to get anyone who doesn't have a copy to download one, so it can hit the charts."

    Here's how to get to it, listen to it, spread the word and watch the video - or just wish Silvia Costeloe good luck.

    This costs £1.29 of which £1.10 will go directly to Leukaemia Care – the rest is VAT and iTunes shares, no expenses are taken





  8. Nyani Katiya says:

    Our South African band of musicians and dancers is in the USA and will be performing at Joe's Pub, 425 Lafayette St. in the East Village of New York City on Tuesday, April 6th at 7:00 PM. We'd love to meet all the people who helped us get a Grammy nomination for our 1st USA release! See you Tuesday at Joe's Pub!

  9. Psy'Aviah says:

    Hi Jenny,

    Cool! Let's start ;)

    We, Psy'Aviah, make eclectic electronic music. Mixing and experimneting with all different electornic genres, trying to make pop/electro-rock songs with it.

    We have a new album out => "Eclectric"

  10. New Song Featuring Michael Jackson from Rapper Cane Murphy Released to Help Haiti

    In an effort to reach out to the people of Haiti, rapper Cane Murphy is releasing a new song featuring the late King of Pop himself-Michael Jackson.

    “While thinking about the need for hope and the search for happiness that can sometimes be found in an uplifting song, the inspiration for ‘Reflections’ was born,” says Murphy. The world needs change, and it needs it now. “Reflections of the Man in the Mirror” was written by Murphy in the form of a letter to the late Michael Jackson, asking him for help remembering life’s highlights and becoming a driving force for change.

    “Do we wait to see if the world will change, or do we start by looking at ourselves in the mirror?” asks Murphy. “The concept of the song is not only to ask ourselves to remember the good times, [but also] rising above like the people of Haiti and remembering not to stay stuck thinking about the bad times”.

    “Reflections of the Man in the Mirror” will appear on “The March Mixtape Madness Halftime Report”, a mixtape hosted by DJ Khaled and sponsored by coast2coast, Datpiff and HipHopdx. The mixtape will be featured on the front pages of, and The song features vocals from Michael Jackson, lyrics from Cane Murphy, and a beautiful instrumental from Blue Metheny overlaid with drums and arranged by Murphy and Sinima. “Reflections of the Man in the Mirror” is available for download starting March 22, 2010.

    Cane Murphy isn’t placing a price tag on the digital release of “Reflections”. Instead, he’s asking fans to give a $0.99 donation to download the fully mastered version of the song
    from Cane 100% of all sales will go directly toward helping the people of Haiti.

    About Cane Murphy
    Cane Murphy is all too familiar with tragedy. The rapper is currently awaiting a second spinal surgery following a devastating accident. “I am…awaiting a very dangerous second reconstructive spine operation, with titanium screws and rods drilled into my spine,” says Murphy. “Instead of just laying down at home, I fought through the pain to write and record this song while looking for hope and strength myself.”

    Murphy is looking for partnership in the music industry to clear the sample and launch a radio campaign and bring “Reflections of the Man in the Mirror” into the homes, ears and hearts of men, women and children all over the world.
    For more information, visit

  11. Orly Vardy says:

    Hey Jenny, My name is Orly Vardy, known as "The singer with the gentle voice”. I enclose you few links, so you could hear my stuff & make your own impression. Thanks in advance & all the best :)

  12. Armen says:

    Check out some of my music. It's good!
    Playing a lot live these days. Getting a great response!


  13. Pandora’s Rock is a high energy dance, classic, alternative rock and metal cover band from the Inland Empire area that will ROCK your venue! They are all professionals that have extensive experience in cover and original band projects which allow them to play a very diverse song list with something that will please everyone.

    Pandora’s Rock is a dynamic, energetic and musically adventurous band. The members bring a unique collection of musical talent which combines classically trained musicians with harder edged rock backgrounds. Their ability to embrace and move between almost any form of music allows Pandora's Rock to appeal to a larger range of audiences than most other bands. With every set they leave their audience anxiously guessing what the band will play next.

  14. heightz says:


  15. ALIEN ZOO says:

    Hi Jenny

    ALIEN ZOO are an Electro Rock Duo that are currently based out of Bondi Beach Sydney.

    ALIEN ZOO are blending Electro, Rock and Drum and Bass Styles to achieve a sound and show which has been considered fresh and unique and their flowing live sets effortlessly transgress the boundary between traditional rock and electro dance.

    Their music mixes and draws on influences from a number of diverse bands (and genre’s) including INXS, the Prodigy, Muse & New Order.

    The band has be playing multiple Sydney dates in support of their newly pressed UK EP Punk is a Lie which can be listened to and shared below via our facebook fan page if you like.

    Just sign up to our mailing list via the My Band tab of face book fan page.

    Please don't forget to become a fan of our fan page. It really helps us know if you enjoying what we do!

    Thanks a lot!


  16. Jazz Goa says:

    Jazz Goa is all about promoting Goa's immense music talent.

    The first album to roll out of Jazz Goa's state of the art recording studio in Sangolda, features some of Goa's most accomplished artistes.

    The album titled 'Jazz Goa' includes eight original tracks that span a whole spectrum of music genres from jazz, rock and pop to funk, fusion and latin sounds from Goa.

    The album is available free of cost at

    All tracks on the album are copyright free and can be used/broadcast/reproduced without permission.

  17. P.U.S.H. says:

    With their music described as "Buckcherry meets Kiss with some 80's hair band thrown in", P.U.S.H. definitely has their own unique sound. What started out as a modern rock cover band has evolved into an original act that's taking the East coast by storm. Their debut CD being released in May is already generating quite a buzz in the music community.

    P.U.S.H. is a modern rock band from Baltimore, MD. The group was formed in 2003 by Geo (lead guitar) who was later joined by Mr. Space (bassist), Johnnie Black (lead vocals) and Jamie Loud(drums). When asked about their musical influences, their responses are quite diverse including Kiss, Motley Crue, LA Guns, Debbie Gibson, Tracie Lords and even Broadway. With that being said, fans are guaranteed to experience a unique and memorable performance at every P.U.S.H. show they attend.

    “P.U.S.H- like drugs, but legal”

  18. Jet Phynx says:

    Jet Phynx (pronounced fee-nix) is an American singer, songwriter and performance artist.

    Everyone fantasizes about the jet-setting lifestyle of a socialite, few are invited in.

    The latest Jet Phynx creation is Pop Album, "The Art", centered around the three F's -Fame, Fortune, & Fashion. This album is a portal for young teens who cant wait to be a part of the scene and adults who lust for the fancy life. He holds a drink in one hand and a crowd in the other. Jet Phynx draws party-goers and teenagers with fake IDs like most people draw breath. The room gets hot, the smoke unfolds into red lightning bolts, and he hypnotizes everyone with his striking presence. Jet Phynx is "The Socialite"


  19. Tracey Dey says:

    Tracey Dey comes from a long line of buttery sweet voices. Raised on Ella and Sarah with some Billie and Aretha thrown in, she is influenced by the fact that each of them sing purely with their own styles. With Duke Ellington, Grace Jones, Joni Mitchell, Steely Dan, Nana Mouskouri and Calypso kings and queens playing on the home stereo she had a eclectic mix of compositional styles to draw on.

    Her songs can be quirky and quietly observant of human nature, there is no trace of boredom-inducing irony and she sings with the immediacy of the emotions and ideas behind her words.

  20. We are Cissy from Leeds. We're a DIY / Indie band and we play an Afrobeat/Synthpunk/Electro/postpunk hybrid noise. We're looking for a gig on July 26th to complete our UK tour's our My Space: Email Matt at [email protected]

  21. Trooshkee says:

    Hi Folks
    You really gotta check out this amazing Folky Indie Scottish band named Luva anna

    The first link is a song they wrote and recorded " The Pigeon Song."

    It will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up!

    This is another song they wrote and recorded called "The Ballad O Boabby Smith"

    Their myspace link (although they havent used this for a wee while now is ;

    Please have a look and listen as you certainly wont be disappointed!

    Thank you for your time


  22. Please check out the video link below… It’s one of my close friends, Steven James, playing a great song that he’s written. He’s entered a contest for an opportunity to play at Fish Fest on June 12th in So. Cal. and I would very much like to see him win. To win he simply needs to be the artist with the most video plays. Thanks for watching his video today!

  23. Please have a listen to our songs and tell us what you think! Thank you very much, WTH xxx

  24. The Owlery says:

    Catchy electronica beats along with moody vocals and smooth harmonies with enough lyrics to portray a message. Pure with the enjoyment of life and expression of its trials.

  25. The sound inside your head, oh wait that's the blackstar's slogan. Oh well, I'll have to think of another witty slogan to compliment the band, so while you wait you can hear us at

  26. Check out their website: - Jack and Four Men the indie rock band from Indonesia!!

  27. Quest says:

    Hi! We've been promoting our music for some time. Also currently promoting our latest song "Love Forever" on the Toyota Music Rock The Space 2. Please go and check it out at: Thanks for all your support.

  28. Tammy says:

    Hey, I just listened to this rockin' song called How Many Times by Daniel Minteer. Check it out on YouTube,

  29. We just released our latest album of downtempo/instrumental hip-hop. Please check it out and download it for free

  30. Yo guys, thanks for setting up a promotion area for up and coming bands.

    Well to anyone reading this out in cyberspace we are a fast melodic rock band from scotland that just like to play good music and put on a show.
    If you like Alkaline Trio, The pixies, NOFX, Early Foo Fighters, or a mix of all these together then we are the band for you.

  31. Leroy Lane says:

    Leroy Lane, is a mix of Classic rock riffs meets Johnny Cash Rhythm, meets A young Jim Morrison Vocals. We specialize in being crafty and different from the 1,987,098,000 bands out there. We are not setting out for fame, money, respect of even publicity. We just like to have fun and want you to have fun too! you can check us out at (if you like what you hear we have FREE downloads on I can't stress enough how in the economic crisis we are in music should be free!! FREE FREE FREE!! We do have a short promise to adhere to, if you come to one of our shows chances are you will leave with something you didn't have before you came there. Maybe a shirt? Maybe a keychain? Maybe a Hoodie, Maybe a pick!! This is no gimmick or trick to like us. We just want to be real with you upfront. Oh yeah!!! And we promise to give you guys the best show for the money. You will show up ready to see a band play and walk off stage. With us you will feel like you are at a light show haha well I hope i haven't bored any of you come check us out if you don't like what you hear message us and tell us why!! We want to know truly.

    Much Love

    Aaron- Leroy Lane Guitar Player

  32. Coyote Kolb says:

    Boston Ma-based Dirty Blues-Outlaw Country-Rockers.
    We just created and released our debut record 'Massachusett', and would love any and all feedback.
    Original music-in the vain of Black Keys, Howlin Wolf, Neil Young, White Stripes, Muddy Waters, Johnny Cash, Led Zepplin, etc...

    Live Video:

    Road to Massachusett (making of our first record) Video:

    Speak with us on facebook:

    Free Track:

    If you would like to purchase our music, you can find us on Itunes or Amazon, but they take a profit from us. You can listen, and/or download Massachusett directly from us here:

    You can order a real copy from us here:

  33. Aaron says:

    Can I submit music? and if you like it would you play it? Here is a video of one of their songs see it all the way thru after the interviews with band members the song continues. I have mp3's I can send.

  34. Midnight Horizon wants you! Unified by their mission to throw light on the growing list of societies inequalities and festering hypocrisy, Midnight Horizon delivers the wake up call for the under-trodden of Sydney, their thirst to spread their message of empathy, unity and unbridled anger a big middle finger at the dwindling live music scene.

    Midnight Horizon prides themselves on delivering an energetic and eccentric live performance, spreading the word to anyone who dares listen, drawing to themselves like minded individuals and social misfits. Teaming up with a variety of similar working class bands. Their goal: To once again breathe fresh life into the music scene, rocking out in some of Sydney's few remaining venues who actively seek to support the live music scene and seeking more comrades in arms from the other working class bands struggling to once again relive the glory days.

    Midnight Horizon's debut EP release saw them enjoy the generous hospitality of the Annandale Hotel, one of Sydney's, nay, Australia's greatest supporter's of live music. The band performing two whirl wind performances in less than a week, the shows fed by not only the energy of the band but the audience themselves.

    Not content with restricting themselves to being merely an on-stage band, Midnight Horizon as a collective have also immersed themselves in other elements of the industry in an attempt to distinguish themselves as a par above the rest. The band boast amongst their number a pair of more than leading sound engineers, evidenced from their latest recording of "Turn The Tide" and continue to dedicate time to recording and mixing.

  35. Who's tired of being lied to? By our lovers, our government, friends, any higher power... just period? ... I know I am... Next time you know someone full of it and just blowing smoke in your face... Tell them... "You've Said Enough" .... Actions speak louder than words!!!!!!!

  36. Metamorphic says:


    Metamorphic are a sextet based in London. Their music consists mainly of original material and some arrangements, and draws from their interest in textures, music in dreams and the translation of transformative emotional experiences through composition and performance.

    Metamorphic are: Chris Williams, alto (Led Bib); Kerry Andrew, vocals (Juice Vocal Trio); Tom Greenhalgh, drums (World Sanguine Report); John Martin, tenor (The John Martin Quartet); Paul Sandy, bass (Hey Negrita); and bandleader/composer/arranger Laura Cole on piano. The instrumentalists in the group all met while studying jazz at Middlesex University in London; vocalist Kerry Andrew became involved with the group through the promoter Moose Factory.

    They will be releasing their full-length album in the autumn to coincide with the London Jazz Festival (Nov 17 @ Cafe Oto) and ensuing tour.



    Mean Streets Rock Magazine of Los Angeles states, "Tony Newton is a monumental master and true music visionary!"

    Can you say “funk and Fusion” in the same sentence. Apparently so! Legendary multi-talented musician-composer-author, Tony Newton describes his new “THUNDERFUNKFUSION” 13 track hyper-dynamic CD as: Motown meets Hendrix meets Miles. If you love the music of Prince, Lenny Kravitz, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Wonder, Miles Davis, Bootsy, you’re at the right place.

    Tony Newton a revolutionary Bassist-Keyboardist-Vocalist shows that he is fully in touch with his powers of musical expression, on the new Quantum Media Music, THUNDERFUNKFUSION album creating an astounding blend and delicate balances of deep, soulful Funk in combination with the high-energy power, and intensity of Rock-Fusion. Newton takes the genre to a new level of artistic creativity in contemporary music’s evolution forward. Newton’s latest project brings him into the spotlight after a long career and large body of work. “THUNDERFUNKFUSION,” a dynamic mega-culture CD “, contains a multi-style, inspiring collection of instrumentals, vocal compositions and songs.

    Newton, a musician’s hall of fame member who has performed on over 25 gold and platinum hit recordings. Acclaimed for his dynamic work with the famed jazz-rock-fusion group, the Tony Williams Lifetime, Newton, one of the original architects of funk-rock-fusion penned the classic compositions, Snake Oil, Red Alert, and others. In addition to being a prime Motown bassist-music director, performing on hit recordings and tours with such artists as; Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, Smokey Robinson(music Director), the Temptations, Aretha Franklin, The Funk Brothers and more, as well as working with veteran rock guitarist, Gary Moore in the British group G-Force. Tony also performed and composed with legendary guitarist and friend, Robby Krieger from the mega-group, The Doors, on Robby’s solo CD, “Cinematrix”.


    Quantum Media Music announces a “FREE” Full Album or MP3 Single Download of the new TONY NEWTON “THUNDERFUNKFUSION” CD, which also includes “MARS ECLIPSE” a 3-D music video from the album. The package also comes with a 10x11 and 11x17 posters, ringtones, CD liner notes, artwork PDF and other goodies.

  38. Steve Lang says:

    I was not sure what to expect from the Dan Bruder Band's debut album "Act of Kindness". After all, this guy popped onto the music scene through his NJ-based rock comedy television series "Who the Hell is Dan Bruder” and the real life band that steps out of the show includes rock icons Liberty Devitto (Billy Joel), Lorenza Ponce (Bon Jovi), John Ginty (Robert Randolph/Citizen Cope), Muddy Shews (Southside Johnny) and Devon Allman (Honeytribe). The web series is about a slightly delusional, middle-aged wannabe rocker who can't let go of the dream of stardom and has been building a steady global following. The show has premiered this month to the 15 million viewers of Relix and had a feature article this week in the North Jersey Record newspaper and in the upcoming issue of The New Jersey Aquarium.

    But having a web hit is a far cry from being able to deliver meaningful music, great musician line-up or not. But I have to hand it to Bruder, he created an album that is a a fresh, poignant Americana rock collection that has hints of Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen, but with his own flavor and colorations. It really works. Songs like Song For A Lucky Man are flawlessly executed and others like the title track, Act of Kindness are more raw with blemishes and warts but are forgivable because the energy and conviction of the music is very powerful. It is also important to note that Bruder is a killer songwriter and lyricist who deserves a lot of recognition in the industry.

    So the web series is very funny in that Larry David "Curb Your Enthusiasm" kind of way but the music is deadly serious. It is a nice overall package that I highly recommend checking out.

    Steven Langdon Estelle

  39. Hey all, thanks for the opportunity to share my music with you. I'm a guitarist and drummer and have just released my debut album, it's electronic and experimental. I try to make music that anyone could find enjoyment in, no matter what their preferred genre is. So even if you're not into electronic music (typically, I'm usually not!) please check it out anyway because it's about the music, not what was used to make it. Hope you like it.

  40. Hi all
    I do DIY rock, mixed with other influences.
    I'm on myspace, facebook, twitter, itunes
    easy to find, usually :)

  41. Si Briley says:

    In early 2009, four old school mates started a band called Standing On Giants with the view of having the time of their lives doing the thing they loved the most, just playing music.

    Since that time Standing On Giants fan base has grown and grown leading them to play such shows as supporting Bloc Party, The Holloways, Kid Harpoon, Kid British and many many more.

    With an exciting, energetic live show, they have come to be known as one of the best live acts on the underground circuit.

    Most recently Standing On Giants have just finished recording their Debut EP which is fittingly named 'No A Medias' meaning not by halves. The EP, that is already recieving rave reviews, is due to be released in October 2010.


    The band would love to hear from you and would love to meet you at one of their many live shows around the country.

    You can also check out the band on facebook and twitter both under the name STANDING ON GIANTS.

    We hope you like what you hear!!!!!!!!!!

  42. KR says:

    Korean-American female fronted alternative rock:
    Please feel free to add us!

  43. Marty says:


    This is Marty from Tempting Tragedy, our band would like to submit our newest album for review. We are a Hard Rock/Metal band (For fans of Tool, Type O Negative, Iron Maiden) from Moncton, NB Canada that has been together since 2004 and we've just released our 2nd full length album. If you'd like to hear samples or learn more about the band, you can visit our official website at: or

    Samples can also be heard at:

    I hope to hear from you soon!

    Thanks in advance!

  44. Zemmy says:

    Hiya guys,

    I'm a London based female singer/songwriter. My style is pop with a bit of a soul twist. If you're interested then please have a listen to my tracks at And then if you like what you hear why not come along to my next gig on November 5, 2010 at The 100 Club in London!



  45. jay kay elmo says:

    Hi y'all
    This looks like a page for the western worlds only...well almost. But i'll still post something...hope y'all listen to my work...

  46. Carolina Turnup says:

    If you haven't heard Christian Kane's music, check it out. Go to his website, google it or whatever; he is very good if you like Southern rockin' music.

  47. Hello folks,

    FIESTA Orchestra is a high-energy SALSA music orchestra in Miami, Florida featuring its own original material in Spanish and English, much to the delight of their fans and suporters! Currently, the group has a CD on the market receiving critical acclaim from industry leading magazines, DJ's, record pools and online music forums!

    We certainly love the idea of having a place here where we can share thoughts with other musicians and perhaps gain some supporters along the way...Thank you Jenny!

    To learn more about our orchestra we invite you to visit our website and promo video!

    Thanks again Jenny!

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