Darin Bennett And The Requiem release "Holdin' Me" video

Darin Bennett

Los Angeles-based Darin Bennett represents the new breed of the old school singer/songwriter/guitarist. He uses a combination of slide guitar driven, gritty delta blues, with elements of both modern and classic rock and soul. He tops it off with a powerful voice that ranges from a subtle whisper to a raging growl.

His influences range from Tom Waits, Nick Cave, Bruce Springsteen, and Eric Clapton to pioneers such as Son House, Robert Johnson, Otis Redding and Sam Cooke.

Since his debut album as a solo artist, 20 Scarlet Monkeys, he has been at work with his band Darin Bennett And The Requiem. The lineup includes Darin on vocals/guitars/banjo, bassist Gerrod Miskovsky, guitarist Redbone, and drummer Cosmo Jones.

In April 2012, Darin Bennett And The Requiem release their first EP Midnight Storybook (produced for Mumbella Records by Darin Bennett and Redbone with Geoffrey Michael Brandin).

The video for "Holdin' Me", directed by Andrew Cochrane, features the first single off of Midnight Storybook. The video features slide banjo, guns and a high speed car chase through a mile of the Mojave Desert.

Darin Bennett and the Requiem - Holdin' Me video:

About the video: Holdin' Me brings a foot-stomping, jailhouse blues-rock song from Darin Bennett and the Requiem to life with a high speed chase and gun fight through the desert. A single continuous take shot across a mile of desert road, floats around the screen, creating alternate compositions and other views of the action.

Directed by Andrew Cochrane
Cinematography by Ernesto Lomeli
Produced by Stacey Winget, Tiffany Winget, and Paul Pianezza
Edited by Mike Merkwan

Photo credit: Stacey Winget

Darin Bennett Official Website

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