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Gary Allan Living Hard interview + “Watching Airplanes” video

Gary Allan - Living Hard

It’s raw and emotional. It’s freight-train-to-nowhere lonely. It’s hard-rockin’, no-apologies country music that has traded in its twang for a gravelly growl millions of fans recognize as the voice of Gary Allan …

Brad Paisley “Letter To Me” single from 5th Gear, review + watch video

Brad Paisley - 5th Gear

Brad Paisley has released his latest single, “Letter To Me” off of his album ‘5th Gear’. It’s about what he would say to himself at age 17 if he could write a letter to himself today. The lyrics are full of advice and encouragement and I’m sure that the song will touch the heartstrings of many who can relate …

Kellie Coffey I Would Die For That review + video

Country singer/songwriter Kellie Coffey has a new video out for her latest release “I Would Die For That”. The song is the first single off of Kellie Coffey’s new album ‘Walk On’, released on the Duet label. “I Would Die For That” is a song about a woman who desperately wants a child, and is … Continue reading Kellie Coffey I Would Die For That review + video

Gene Butler – Concrete Country review

I love the way this album starts with “Momma Wish I’d Listened to You.” You know the singer is in trouble when he starts the proceedings locked up in a jail cell with black-eyed peas staring him in the face. So it goes when you don’t listen to what momma said. Gene Butler sings some … Continue reading Gene Butler – Concrete Country review

Joan Osborne and Her New Album Pretty Little Stranger

Pretty Little Stranger was my introduction to Joan Osborne. I know her first album came out back in 1991 and I have missed a lot. Perhaps now with this stunning introduction I will see my way clear to seek out more of her music. Grammy award winning producer Steve Buckingham (Dolly Parton) produced Pretty Little … Continue reading Joan Osborne and Her New Album Pretty Little Stranger