Junkie Brush Live at the Wheatsheaf, Oxford

After spending the day wandering around Summertown and then making our way back in to town centre on Saturday, Dave and I decided to hang around and wait to see who was playing at the Wheatsheaf in Oxford. Since we were early getting back into town we had a couple pints at The Bear pub around the corner and then we made our way to the Wheatsheaf.

As we were going up the stairs just before we rounded the corner to be seen going in, we listened to see if what we were hearing was worth sticking around for. After all, Oxford is full of live venues and if we didn’t really like what we heard we could always walk down the road a bit to another venue. Before we had a chance to decide one of our friends saw us and waited for us to go forward, which at that point we had no choice but to walk in and stay regardless.

Well, it was a good thing that we did because the next band up was Oxford band Junkie Brush, and man did they ROCK! Dave was headbanging through their whole set-too bad there weren’t enough people there to appreciate them, but as we were to find out later, like any good band on the circuit they’ve had their share of great and not so great turn outs for shows. Either way for us it didn’t matter because they were playing like they were in front of a few thousand rather than a few.

It’s hard to really pinpoint their sound which is one reason why I liked them so much-right when you thought you could narrow their sound down to a certain band, they would change something half way through the song so that it would throw me off and eventually I just gave up trying to compare them. Let’s just say, really loud rock, punk and a lot of swearing and witty banter in between songs. So if you like your loud music, definitely check out Junkie Brush and you won’t be let down.

We’ve got a couple different sites for you:

Junkie Brush Myspace

Official Junkie Brush Site

-Jenny May-

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