Truckee Brothers Present: A Lil' Slap N' Tickle

The Truckee Brothers love to rock. And they do it with a magnificent gusto on their new album Double Happiness scheduled for release on May 8th on Populuxe Records.

Combining their impressive rhythm section with perfect falsetto harmonies and guitar solo's that make audience members spark up their lighters in a "you rock" glee. The Truckee Brothers break the conventional rock mold with their new release drawing on psychedelic, bluesy and soulful back beats.

In a hilarious salute to female wrestling, the band has put together a video for their new single, "Gritty Pretty" - a song birthed out of the 1970's garage rock / retro vein – featuring vintage footage of women wrestlers. Get a good Truckee chuckle and view the "Gritty Pretty" video on You Tube here

What the Critics are Saying:

"Peat and Cady Truckee weave their constant harmonies, each testing to their rock 'n' roll limits, bashing away percussively like the strings were a horrible ex-girlfriend. Their sound is sharp and punchy, their lyrics bubbling with innuendo, and ...their songs are explosive." - Helen Keen - MAVERICK MAGAZINE (UK)

"Hell, I wanna share the stage with them, get on the same bill at a gig in San Diego or wherever."- Mike Watt (Minutemen/Stooges)

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