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  • Bird Mancini Funny Day review »

    After a three year wait Bird Mancini has returned with a follow up to Year of Change. Funny Day is step away from the previous release in that it is more focused on one style and sound.
    Funny Day is made up of 13 infectious and addictive rock-pop-psych gems. Once again, Billy Carl Mancini and Ruby [...]


    Truckee Brothers Present: A Lil' Slap N' Tickle »

    The Truckee Brothers love to rock. And they do it with a magnificent gusto on their new album Double Happiness scheduled for release on May 8th on Populuxe Records.
    Combining their impressive rhythm section with perfect falsetto harmonies and guitar solo's that make audience members spark up their lighters in a "you rock" glee. The Truckee [...]


    The Electric Prunes Give You Feedback »

    It is that time of year again; time to hunker down and getcha some PruneTwang or some Feedback. I know, you are thinking-what in the heck is this guy talking about anyway? Well it’s about one of the most influential and underrated bands in the history of recorded music, the Electric Prunes.
    Their new CD, Feedback, [...]

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