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Holly Woods now available on the Podsafe Music Network

We are extremely excited about a new upcoming project featuring Holly Woods, formerly of the 80's rock band, Toronto. Toronto released 5 Gold and Platinum albums in the late 70's/early 80's that sold 660,000 units in Canada and resulted in seven Top 40 hits in Canada and the US.

In 1985, Toronto's label, Solid Gold Records, went into receivership which forced the band into splitting up. Two of the members, Holly Woods and Scott Kreyer, regrouped and continued on to a studio in Atlanta to record new tracks however, before the sessions were complete their producer, Sonny Limbo, also died suddenly. The album was shopped around but labels shied away fearing repercussions from Solid Gold. It would have appeared that fate was against them and the material would never see the light of day. The tapes were shelved for over twenty years in a climate controlled warehouse.

Just recently, Cyclone Records acquired the rights to the "lost" master and is now releasing it as an 8 song album entitled "Holly Woods-Live It Up!" in Spring 2007.

You can access tracks on the Podsafe Music Network page here.

You can also find more information on the band here:

Holly Woods on
Holly Woods on MySpace
Holly Woods on Podsafe Music Network
Holly Woods on
Toronto on

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