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Yo-Yo Ma plays Antonin Dvorak - Silent Woods 'Klid' (Waldesruhe) - watch video

Yo-Yo Ma - The Dvorak Album

Every now and then when listening to classical music, I wonder if I might have been better off had I continued with the clarinet? I was pretty good in school - and the way the music industry is going, playing classical music seems like it would have been a decent choice.

Maybe with my recent birthday, one year older and all that jazz, classical music has been appealing more and more to me. I've been spending quite a bit of time listening to Play Classical UK, and that station and has been turning me on to so many brilliant classical pieces.

Antonin Dvorak's "Silent Woods 'Klid' (Waldesruhe)" came on last night and it simply blew me away. I quickly looked it up on Google and have found a video on YouTube of Yo-Yo Ma playing "Silent Woods" on his cello. I really hope that the video stays up there. The more people that can see and hear such magnificence the better.

Yo-Yo Ma's performance is beautiful, but it's the last note that sends chills down my spine. If you watch the video you have to see Yo-Yo Ma's expression at the end. It's almost as though he wakes up from a trance. So much passion.

Watch video Yo-Yo Ma - "Silent Woods" (A. Dvorak):

The Dvorak Album (Yo-Yo Ma) on

Antonin Dvorak on Wikipedia

Yo-Yo Ma Official Website

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