Javelinas new single Red Shoes emerges from Rock and Roll ruins


Emerging from the ruins of this lost decade of rock comes a band that holds the gas can to the bonfire saluting the history of rock music. With a sound as vast at the Midwestern rust belt, created and developed through living and breathing Rock and Roll circa late 60's through the massive explosion of 70's rock, 70's/80's punk, and old school singer songwriter/Americana roots, Chicago's Javelinas have crafted a traditionally familiar sound all their own. Using guitars and stories with a sound strong as a steel-belted radial tire - skidding, screeching and in control - Javelinas are a requisite fresh injection to modern Rock and Roll music.

Their new single "Red Shoes" reaffirms the hope that there is Rock and Roll in the tradition of Rock and Roll, not Whine and Roll. Twenty-plus year Chicago music veteran (Simple Simon, Blackmaker, and recently Michael McDermott) and true to tradition, guitarist Spiv's crushing opening riff and the thundering rhythm section of drummer Chris Glynn and bassist Dan Postlewait are the perfect backdrop for imposing lead singer Chris McInnis and his tales that spin on the desperation, addiction, and stamina while going through the roller coaster of living in the trenches of the independent music world.

The new album 'Seven Sisters' (Kentland Records), the follow-up to their 2005 debut 'Dirtbath' (Kentland Records), taps into the psyche and history of Midwestern hard-living truths lived and inked by Chris McInnis. A Detroit native and singer/songwriter straight out of the absolute hell of the Detroit punk rock scene, McInnis offers a mature glimpse into the life of being fueled by music, reflects on past hard times, and comes out of it standing strong.

The title track "Seven Sisters" sheds light on the crumbling facade of the "unsung structures" in American workers' history, while the Hendrix-esque barnburner "SSA" rips through the administrative red tape of his youth. Although true to Rock and Roll form by instrumentation, the inspiration of creating 'Seven Sisters' spawns sonic diversity in tracks like the twangy "High Horse", the somber game of "Didn't Hurt", and the rootsy cabaret "The 102".

Their album previews throughout the 2007 summer festival circuit and live performances on radio and on tour have foreshadowed the excitement that the songs of 'Seven Sisters' and the performances of Javelinas are bringing back to Rock and Roll.

Javelinas 2007 live shows:

Dates could change! Go to Javelinas website for the latest show dates and information.

26 October 2007 Uptowner, Charleston, Illinois
27 October 2007 Cranky Pats, Neenah, Wisconsin
31 October 2007 Skrine chops, FOREST PARK, Illinois
1 November 2007 WLUW live on air performance, Chicago
1 November 2007 Elbo Room CD RELEASE SHOW! Chicago
2 November 2007 Brauerhouse, Hillside, Illinois
3 November 2007 IQ's, Green Bay, Wisconsin
10 November 2007 The Verve, Terre Haute, Indiana
7 December 2007 Mary's Place, Rockford, Illinois
14 December 2007 Points East Pub, Milwaukee
22 December 2007 Crystal Corner Bar, Madison, Wisconsin

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One Response to Javelinas new single Red Shoes emerges from Rock and Roll ruins

  1. Ryan Fungus says:

    I've seen the javalinas live on many many many occasions More than i can count. I probably could count how many times i've seen them, but i was not told there was going to be math right now. Anyway, they deliver the Rock on a silver platter ever damn time. Totally ass-whoopin' rock band. Fertotally. Watch out after a show though...their shirts tend to be quite moist.

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