Jon Foreman from Switchfoot to release solo EPs + MP3

Jon Foreman

Jon Foreman, the frontman for the multi-platinum band, Switchfoot is returning to his indie-scene roots by releasing four solo EPs over the coming months. These EPs, individually titled 'Fall', 'Winter', 'Spring', and 'Summer', evoke vivid images of each season, making the collection a likely soundtrack to the year ahead. All four EPs will be released prior to the upcoming Switchfoot release in late 2008. The first EP, 'Fall', is released digitally November 27th, 2007.

"Because of the autobiographical nature of these songs, they became a self portrait that was far too personal for a band to release," says Foreman. "Tim, Chad and the rest of the band have been pushing me to get these types of songs out there for years. So I decided to let them go."

According to Foreman the songwriting and production of these EPs were creatively intertwined. "Most of these songs were written and recorded the same night," said Foreman. "I would sing and play my guitar late at night until I got a take that captured what the song meant to me. From there I would add instruments to the vocal to see what would be appropriate. It was a very therapeutic, lonely, cleansing process."

The 'Fall' EP stirs up just this sort of sentiment - it's stripped-down arrangements put Jon Foreman's earnest voice and raw lyrics at the forefront of this personal set of songs.

Jon Foreman Switchfoot

Listen: Download "The Cure For Pain" MP3 by Jon Foreman

The frequent solo sets Jon has recently been performing in many ways inspired these solo EPs.

"For the past few tours we've done as a band, I've made a habit of playing a set after the show. Many of these 'after shows' have been incredible experiences, a chance for spontaneous acoustic music that is completely juxtaposed to the rock band environment: no booking agent, no light show, no amps or guitar techs - just Dylan covers, some sing-a-longs, and honest stories...These projects are an attempt to create a musical conversation that mirrors that experience." - Jon Foreman

Here is a brief timeline of the upcoming EP releases:

November 27, 2007: The 'Fall' EP will be available at all of the digital music stores and at

January 15, 2008: The 'Winter' EP will be available at all of the digital music stores and at

January 15, 2008: A two disc collection featuring both the 'Fall' and 'Winter' EPs will be available at all physical music retailers and at

Note: 'Spring' and 'Summer' EPs will be release within the first half of 2008 (exact street release dates TBD)

These EPs will be the debut releases from Switchfoot's indie imprint, lowercase people records, in conjunction with EMI Music's Credential Recordings. All four EPs were produced by Jon Foreman with Grammy-nominated, Charlie Peacock serving as the executive producer.

For more information visit:

Credential Recordings


Jon Foreman Official Website

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