Budweiser 'True Dedication' ad - watch extra footage featuring musicians + customised instruments

Budweiser True Dedication TV ad - extra footage

Budweiser will be launching their True Dedication campaign, which starts with the release of Budweiser's new 'True Dedication' TV ad.

In the ads, six eclectic musicians come together and use their talent, passion and some customised Budweiser instruments to create their authentic sound by doing what they love.

Inspired by the dedication that goes into brewing Budweiser, the brand's new advertising campaign captures the passion musicians have for their craft and the social atmosphere that comes from friends getting together.

Budweiser True Dedication TV ad - extra footage

Video - Budweiser 'True Dedication' TV ad - watch extra footage

The ad brings you along with the band as they jam in their basement studio and develop their own version of the 1969 classic instrumental "Popcorn."

The group also takes the stage at their local club for a rendition of Salt 'n Pepa's "Push It."

To make the music all their own, the musicians have customised their instruments using Budweiser bottles, kegs and cans.

Budweiser True Dedication TV ad - extra footage

The band is encouraged and inspired by Dave Cloud, the veteran musician who the Sunday Times heralded as music's "last genuine lost genius."

Band Member Profiles

Lucas Leigh

Lucas Leigh began taking piano lessons at age five - only to quit months later and become a self-taught musician who plays the piano, bass, drums and ukulele. At 25, Lucas is the youngest member of the band. He realized he wanted to be a musician at a very young age after seeing the movie, "Great Balls of Fire." He later played onstage with the source of his inspiration, Jerry Lee Lewis. At age 11, while attending a Little Richard performance, Lucas asked the world-famous performer (during the set) if he could play his piano. Little Richard not only invited Lucas up, but even sat next to him for an improvised duet on the keys. A Memphis native, Lucas cites the blues and rockabilly as his musical influences. Lucas is a huge fan of Phish, Jerry Lee Lewis and Belle & Sebastian but says the greatest gig he has attended was Bela Fleck and the Flecktones at Bonnaroo in 2004.

John Sharp

John Sharp will be the first to tell you he failed at playing most instruments - so he started building instruments he could play. John now constructs and plays unique instruments such as planks, branches and plants. He cites artists such as Organum and Willie Nelson as his musical influences and credits electronica group Skinny Puppy with helping him realize he wanted to become a musician. Like a true performer, John prefers being on the road to recording in the studio and has played gigs in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan.

Rob Cureton

Rob hopes to take the UK by storm as the upright bassist for the band. He started playing at only 19 months old and began studying classical music at age nine, before going on to become a member of various cover bands. Rob's dedication to music paid off, as he has played with high-profile performers such as Counting Crows, Jewel and Bobby Brown and currently tours with the popular country act Big & Rich. Rob's most memorable gigs are playing packed Big and Rich shows in stadiums in his hometowns of Nashville and Detroit. He believes an excellent sense of timing, a commitment to practice and a positive attitude are the keys to becoming an amazing musician.

Brian Kotzur

Drummer Brian Kotzur certainly has high aspirations for his career as a musician - he hopes to one day play a gig on the moon. He plays the guitar, piano and drums and came to Nashville from Houston, Texas. With his tongue-in-cheek sense of humour, Brian cites "learning to play" as his greatest musical achievement thus far. His musical influences range from rock to hip-hop to "crooner," but legendary jazz musician Al Bowlly is his favourite artist. Brian certainly recognizes the commitment it takes to become a truly amazing musician, as he modestly states he is the most dedicated musician working in the business today.

Sami Elamri

Guitar-player Sami Elamri came to Nashville from Fort Worth, Texas. He realized he wanted to become a musician when he saw Blondie perform at the Grammys in 1979. Sami grew up jamming in his buddies' basements before joining up with a few Nashville musicians to form the band Lone Official. Sami grew up on 70s punk and new wave music and now listens to a diverse selection of artists including Slayer, Fugazi and Swans.

William Tyler

Willie Tyler plays the guitar, lute and slide whistle and "grew up twangin'" with his family band. He's played with bands such as Gutbucket, Snakewind and Tim, Chad and Sherry. He notes his biggest musical achievement was when he opened for rock legend Ted Nugent at a state fair in Indiana. Willie believes being an amazing musician requires a great deal of practice - and usually a little financial support from the parents.

Dave Cloud

Musician Dave Cloud makes a cameo appearance as the band's mentor. He drives the band to demonstrate their dedication to their craft encouraging them to play harder, faster and really get into the groove of the music. Dave is a larger than life legend on the Nashville music scene and the lead in eclectic band Dave Cloud and the Gospel of Power. Dave's current album Pleasure Before Business is receiving rave reviews for it's experimental flair and he has recently collaborated with Cardigan's lead singer Nina Perrson and Stooges' sax player Steve Mackay.

Visit Budweiser UK for more videos and information.

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4 Responses to Budweiser 'True Dedication' ad - watch extra footage featuring musicians + customised instruments

  1. gavin butler says:

    i was wondering if there is any website where the new bud band songs are available.

  2. bandweblogs says:

    Good question - you might want to keep checking the Budweiser.co.uk site for any news.

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  4. deborah says:

    bud band is amazing...and real music!!!
    i just love it!!!
    well done guys keeping pushing it!!!

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