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Even more from the new Bud Ad! Budweiser Band plays “Push it” + watch video


Dave Cloud - Budweiser - True Dedication

There’s been quite a buzz surrounding the new Budweiser True Dedication ads on UK TV.

The ads feature the “Budweiser Band” - a band of musicians who play custom instruments made up of all that is Bud - using bottles, kegs and cans.

Rob Cureton - Bass

The ads are short, a little spooky for some reason, and feature the very catchy, easy to whistle along to “Popcorn” song - which continues to go around my head long after the ads end.

They also play their version of Salt ‘n Pepa’s “Push It”, which you can watch even more from the new Bud ad, here on Band Weblogs:

Watch the “Budweiser Band” video - “Push It”

Salt ‘n Pepa, the 80s all female rap group, recorded “Push It” in 1987 for the album ‘Hot, Cool and Vicious’. The track has become Salt ‘n Pepa’s signature single - but receives a new edge from the “Bud Band”.

Even though band members are listed on the Budweiser website as Lucas Leigh, John Sharp, Rob Cureton, Brian Kotzur, Sami Elamri and William Tyler along with short bios, they still seem shrouded in mystery.

The “last genuine lost genius”, veteran Nashville musician Dave Cloud, encourages and inspires the band, as you can see in the ads and videos - and I’m just as uncertain about him as I am the band!

To watch more videos and for more information about the band go to:

Budweiser - True Dedication

By: Jenny May -

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