CABIN “I Was Here” EP In-Stores May 29th, Rocking College Radio!

CABIN is a melodic rock band from Louisville, KY led by founding member Noah Hewett-Ball. As the group’s creative fountainhead, Hewett-Ball not only exhibits a masterful writing skill, but a voice that soars with commanding emotion, yet at other times quivers with endearing sincerity. The strength of lyrics and melody are re-enforced by the recently […]

Ben Godwin’s Skin and Bone Featured as Napster’s Rock Staff Pick

Brooklyn songwriter Ben Godwin has been getting a lot of love and attention from Napster since releasing his new record “Skin and Bone,” via KarmaFarm Records on April 17th. The record is featured this week as their staff pick and the single “Constantly Reminded” was offered as the “Free Download of the Day” on April […]

Steelspring – Better Living review

William Nash is Steelspring and Better Living is an eight-track album spilling over with emotion and character that comes from the tip of his toes. Nash offers those that enjoy bands like REM, Chris Issak, and Jeff Buckley, a joyous musical ride on the backcountry road of life. I asked Nash for the musician’s credits […]

Gene Butler – Concrete Country review

I love the way this album starts with “Momma Wish I’d Listened to You.” You know the singer is in trouble when he starts the proceedings locked up in a jail cell with black-eyed peas staring him in the face. So it goes when you don’t listen to what momma said. Gene Butler sings some […]

Terry Cummings T.C. Finally review

After 18 years of exceptional play in the NBA Terry Cummings has arrived in a new career as a singer. T.C. Finally introduces Cummings as the latest former sports star turned entertainer. Although this kind of transition seems like a common occurrence it takes someone with special talents to make an impact that counts initially. […]