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Gilmore Girls music + watch Grant Lee Buffalo’s “Mockingbirds” video

Gilmore Girls

I’m not sure what I was doing when the Gilmore Girls series began in 2000, but somehow it slipped by me until now. 2009. Well, actually I started watching it late last year. I was still living in the States when it first aired in 2000, but it’s funny to be so taken with the show and its characters now, here in England. Luckily E4 has been airing the shows everyday and it’s become a favorite past-time of mine. It’s too bad the series ended in 2007.

The whole Gilmore family cracks me up. Lorelai, played by Lauren Graham, is full of jokes and her close relationship with daughter Rory (Alexis Bledel) is touching. Lorelai’s parents, Emily and Richard Gilmore, played by the wonderful Kelly Bishop and Edward Herrmann, are unmissable, as is the often sourly but lovable Luke (Scott Patterson). The quirky residents of the fictional town of Stars Hollow, Connecticut are hilarious - characters that keep the show interesting and special.

Which leads me into the musical aspect of Gilmore Girls. Carole King sings the catchy theme song “Where You Lead” with her daughter Louise Goffin. That in itself is a treat. The song was originally recorded in 1971 and each time that it’s played on the show I enjoy hearing it, and haven’t gotten sick of it yet!

Not only the theme song though, but most episodes have mentions of bands - whether it’s the musical Lane (Keiko Agena) with her stashed CDs hidden in her bedroom under the floorboards in sections by genre; a Bangles concert attended by the Gilmore girls and friends; or current bands of the time being played during certain scenes, it’s fun listening out for band references and the ‘background’ music. The show gets even better when the rock band comes to fruition, and Sebastian Bach guest stars. Brilliant.

The episode that aired today was the one with the Stars Hollow Firelight Festival, and the Stars Hollow busker/Troubadour AKA Grant-Lee Phillips (Grant Lee Buffalo) was playing the Grant Lee Buffalo song, “Mockingbirds”.

Watch “Mockingbirds” video:

I hadn’t heard that song in a long time, and actually, had no idea that it was a Grant Lee Buffalo track until I looked it up now. I really like that song, and it just goes to show how great a platform Gilmore Girls was for music and artists - and continues to showcase music now in syndication, with shows still being broadcast around the world.

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