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Howling Bells to release Radio Wars + watch “Cities Burning Down” video


Howling Bells

In case you didn’t realise it, Howling Bells are back with a vengeance in 2009.

After a two year absence (following the release of their elegantly haunting debut album) spent recording and touring with the likes of the Killers and Mercury Rev, the quartet of Juanita Stein, Joel Stein, Brendan Picchio and Glenn Moule are ready to unleash their singular charms on the world all over again with their brand new album ‘Radio Wars’ and their beautiful second single “Cities Burning Down”.

Watch “Cities Burning Down” video:

Howling Bells on

Howling Bells on

Howling Bells are to go fantastically widescreen with the release of ‘Radio Wars’. If their debut could easily be the soundtrack for the beautifully haunted world of Twin Peaks, their sophomore effort, ‘Radio Wars’ would be their leap into the blockbuster mainstream. Which isn’t to say that they’ve lost any of their piquancy and peculiarity – far from it – only to say that with this album, they’re showcasing a wider and more surprising range which their debut only hinted at.

There’s a formidable richness here, a glorious depth and maturity and growth which takes the Howling Bells’ sound into hitherto unexplored terrain, aided, in no small part, by the expertise of producer extraordinaire Dan Grech-Marguerat.

You would, in all probability, have heard the first, scintillating taster of what’s to come with “Into the Chaos”, which NME named their Track of the Week and which went on to burn up the airwaves as well with its intoxicating mixture of smouldering vocals and dizzying strings. But it is with “Cities Burning Down”, their first full single release from their forthcoming, lushly Technicolor second album ‘Radio Wars’, that the Bells really show what they have in store for us. The song has a haunted, cinematic quality, egged on by lead singer Juanita Stein, who uses that remarkable voice of hers to alternately seduce and taunt the spellbound listener.

Get ready for them to work their magic on you all over again.

Single Tracklisting: out on Coloured 7″ Vinyl and digital

1. Cities Burning Down
2. Hearts & Armor (only available on 7″)

Album Tracklisting: out on CD/ digital/ delux CD (with bonus live disc)

1. Treasure Hunt
2. Cities Burning Down
3. It Ain’t You
4. Nightingale
5. Let’s Be Kids
6. Ms. Bell’s Song/ Radio Wars Theme
7. Golden Web
8. Into the Chaos
9. Digital Hearts
10. How Long

Howling Bells Official Website
Howling Bells MySpace

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