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Heroes of Popular Wars set to play at Rehab in NYC + watch video

Heroes of Popular Wars

Heroes of Popular Wars are set to play at Rehab in New York City on Tuesday August 12th, 2008 at 10:30pm. Rehab is at 25 Ave B (2nd and 3rd).

Their music has been called shoegazer, trip hop and electro by various blogs but they would just say that they're a band that "marry laptops, no wave guitars and jammy intros and outros with pop songs."

Watch "There's The Bell" video:

Heroes of Popular Wars are currently working on a new collection of songs with their new collaborator Rob Berger (Iron and Wine, Tom Waits).

Here's what the blogs are saying about their free digital EP, 'Revolution of the Hips':

"I'm not sure that many bands can eclipse the balance of experimental electronica vs. acoustic/hungry guitar offerings that seem to fall effortlessly into the ear" - Milk Milk Lemonade

"Delivers "Goodbye" with humanity in spite of its overwhelmingly synthetic feel" - Culture Bully

"Complicatedly simple. That's why I keep listening to it. Inventive" - Space Food

"Sparsely atmospheric Enoish ambient electro pop on their site for download which remind me of the coolest British band of the early 80s, Japan" - The Devil has the Best Tuna

"Wrapped around a gooey pop center are harsh experimental electronic nosies and samples. Truly enjoyable and unusual" - What to Wear During an Orange Alert

For more information, go to:

Heroes of Popular Wars Official Website

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