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Mink - watch “Talk To Me” video + download FREE remix



“We’re totally ready,” says Mink singer Neal Carlson.

“To play until the end of time,” drummer Stella Mozgawa continues.

“Until the end of the universe.”

These days it seems rock can move at a snail’s pace…what with bands marching to corporate schedules and marketing strategies, over-thinking everything along the way, it can take a couple of years just to get an album released. But Mink is seizing the moment…and intends to hold on tightly.

The band has clearly hit the ground running.

Formed just a blink ago in Spring 2006, Mink has already written more than 60 songs (30 of them in one intense three-week stretch), recorded their debut album in just four weeks (with noted producer Sylvia Massy of Red Hot Chili Peppers and Tool fame), shot one of the most fun videos of recent times for its infectious song “Talk to Me” with director Christian Lamb (Madonna, Korn, Kelly Clarkson, Incubus), had another song “Dematerialize” go top 10 on the modern rock specialty chart and has established itself as one of the most exciting new live acts on the scene - both in its own club shows and opening big-venue concerts for the likes of Perry Farrell and Angels & Airwaves among others.

And all that while going back and forth between New York (from where Carlson hails) and Australia (home to drummer Mozgawa, lead guitarist Nick Maybury, and bassist Grant Fitzpatrick).


Mink is set to release their album in the UK on 4th August, 2008 on Spitfire Music.

Watch “Talk To Me” video:

Download free MP3 - Spank Rock Mix of “Talk To Me”

Album tracklisting:

1. Get It right
2. Madame Chung
3. Talk To Me
4. Dematerialize
5. Pressure Pressure
6. Jodi
7. Crazy World
8. Untouchable
9. Sweeter
10. New York Summer
11. Pills
12. Will Not Let You Down

Mink MySpace
Mink UK Website
Mink Official Website

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