I Am Three: What We Don't Say - an unsigned band's road movie - watch trailer

I Am Three have attracted much critical acclaim for their first release 'It's Never Too Late (Except When It Is)' including positive reviews from Manchester Music, MEN, R2 magazine and Classic Rock magazine.

I Am Three

Irv and Hughes have been performing together for two years, Hughes (aka Bleeding Hands), and Irv a straight edge punk, form two opposing forces in musical tact which collides in emphatic style to form I Am Three. In mid May 2010 the band set off to conquer Europe on a road trip of insane proportions.

Watch video - What We Don't Say Trailer - I Am Three:

'It's What We Don't Say' is the soundtrack to a feature length Rockumentary of I Am Three's 2010 European Tour.

Filmed in Manchester, London, Berlin, Krakow, Brussels and Dusseldorf, the camera tails the two musicians as they speed from country to country and includes full length live versions of nine songs. The road movie is interspersed with interviews and tour exploits. Bearing the same name as I Am Three's second album, the two will be release simultaneously on 1st October 2010.

In what sometimes seems like "Withnail and I meets top gear" this movie lets you experience first hand, the trials and tribulations that is an unsigned band's mission to perform in new pastures on zero budget. A true roller coaster of mind blowing performances, 1000's of miles of road, 100's of truckers, music, and art.

As well as live performance the movie is soundtracked also by I Am Three's new album, 'it's what we don't say' their second studio album, the album promises to wean any disbelievers into suckling on the creative fountain of I Am Three.

For fans who are familiar with I Am Three's material, this represents a giant leap forward from their debut Album 'it's never too late' whilst maintaining their panache for the down right unusual, and total disregard for adherence to a genre.

The songs are subtly tied together to create something contextual that works an entire album, a journey through sound played out on a sonic battlefield where tracks mix into each other like the paints of an artists palette, creating a colourful and beautiful kaleidoscope of Irv and Hughes personalities.

Title: What We Don't Say
Release Date: 1 October 2010
Genre: Rockumentory - Road movie
Cast: I Am Three, Andy Hughes, Adam Irving
Director: Mina Vigrad
Writers: Michael Arndt
Studio: Mitten Records

Plot: Hughes and Irving tour Europe in a 1989 Volvo 760 playing gigs and various shenanigans along the way

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