Devo art installation @ MOCA + Beatport remix contest

As part of its new exhibition The Artist's Museum - a showcase of work by more than 140 artists who have helped shape the artistic dialogue in Los Angeles over the past 30 years - The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (MOCA), will honor Devo with an installation devoted to the beloved New Wave pioneers.


The installation, which will be unveiled to the public on October 31, 2010, consists of a wall of roughly 400 Devo's iconic red energy domes, as well as photos and video of the band.

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The exhibition represents the diversity and uniqueness of the Los Angeles community, and highlights important works from legendary L.A. artists who remain vital and influential alongside those emerging from renowned local art schools, visionary artists associated with various street cultures and subcultures, and crossover artists connected to performance, music, and film.

The Artist's Museum will be on view at MOCA Grand Avenue and The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA through January 31, 2011.

In other exciting Devo news, Beatport is excited to announce that their new remix contest is with none other than with post-punk, electronic-music pioneers Devo!

In keeping with the title of the band's latest album, Something For Everyone, Devo is offering up the parts from their '80s hit "Freedom Of Choice" as well as their newest track, "What We Do" for your reinterpretation.

Since the early days of MTV, when the band's "Whip It" was on heavy rotation, Devo have been at the vanguard of subversive, surrealist art-pop; their music is cited as an influence by many contemporary electronic-music producers.

Adam Freeland puts it bluntly: "If you think they aren't relevant to today's music, then burn your LCD records, your Fall records, your Layo & Bushwacka! records, and my artist albums, amongst many others, as they simply wouldn't sound like they do without them."

"They're as important as David Bowie, Run DMC, The Fall or The Stooges, if not more so," claims Pat Pardy of Evil Nine.

Layo, of Layo & Bushwacka! - who famously sampled Devo's "Mongoloid" for their hit "Love Story" - says, "I was first into Devo as a teenager. Matt (Bushwacka!) always laughs at me when I mention the bands I loved growing up: I was into the new wave of punk and the German experimental bands like Can. My original favourite from Devo was always Q: Are We Not Men? A: We are Devo! I could never get away from the bass of "Mongoloid," and then one day we had an idea about that bass with an old ragtime style piano following it. And the rest, as they say…"

The rest is history, of course, and this is your chance to become part of that legacy. Read on to find out how to enter.

The Opportunity:

On October 26, 2010, Beatport will make available for download the stems of "Freedom Of Choice" a favorite of many Devo fans, and "What We Do", from the band's latest album, SOMETHING FOR EVERYBODY. From then producers may remix one or both tracks, and upload their finished remix(es) to Beatportal for the voting round.

The Prizes:

The finalists of both "Freedom Of Choice" and "What We Do" remix entries will be divided into 2 categories; 10 users voted (based on number of spins) and 10 editorial winners (picked by Beatport's editorial team). Each category will then be submitted to Devo and Warner Brothers where they will select the winner for each track to receive:

1 - $250 Beatport gift card
1 - Native Instruments Maschine
1 - V-MODA Crossfade LP Headphones
1 - Devo Live Tour Gear Bundle
The highest spun remix entry for each track will also receive 1 - $50 Beatport gift card.

The Stages:

1. October 26th - November 15, 2010: Download phase - The remix parts of "Freedom Of Choice" and/or "What We Do". You may purchase the stems bundled at $3.99 USD each.
2. November 2nd - November 15, 2010: Upload/Submission phase - Upload your remix to Beatportal to During this phase the entries can be listened to, but not voted for.
3. November 16th - November 30, 2010: Voting phase - The public votes for their favorite remixes by "spinning" them.

After a period of deliberation, the winner will be announced on or around December 21, 2010 (information subject to change. Go to official website for more information).

As previously announced Devo is about to hit the road in support of their new album SOMETHING FOR EVERYBODY. Dates are listed below. Check out a plethora of new Devo merchandise at

Read what critics have been saying about SOMETHING FOR EVERYBODY:

"Combining the punk funk fury of Devo's earliest recordings with synth-pop, this ninth disc is frantic and wall-to-wall catchy. Devo have held onto their core belief: If you want to be subversive, be utterly, unrelentingly pop." - Rolling Stone

"Stop asking 'why?' and you'll likely find yourself surrendering to the band's herky-jerky hooks and machinelike swing. Impressively spot on." - Entertainment Weekly

"Devo still has that 'Something' special. Devo's nerdy electropop delivers plenty of humor and hooks - what better cocktail to help one cope with the decline of civilization?" - USA Today

Don't miss DEVO on the road.

Devo 2010 tour dates postponed

(Dates and information subject to change.)

October 2010

Fri Oct 29 Moogfest Asheville, NC

Photo credit: Joshua Dalsimer

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